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"It's another intense week" says top scribe ML Cooks.

dgnb.jpg2447084269.jpg"Mike and Jenn really dig into the fabric of their relationship, it's been a long time coming. There's going to heartbreak, can Jenn and Mike survive Ty trying to come in between them?"tynew2.jpg

thblackrose.gif"Our mysterious Mona, has begun to stalk Dondre.dondre2-1.jpg She goes even further by breaking into his house. What does the dangerous woman have up her sleeve now?"

tharton379.jpg"Suga continues to taunt Dahlia.dahia.jpg Dahlia's predicament goes from bad to worse as Natalia teams up with Suga. natty.jpgShe wants Mark mark-1.jpgto make love to her and will stop of nothing to make it happen."

73481380.jpg-Ria gets upset when She learns Dondre has a thing for Sharan.

"Everything is building up for a red letter week next week. It's going to be hot, sexxy and nasty,affairs4.jpg mixed in with HUGE PLOT TWISTS!!!It can't be missed that's for sure" promises head writer ML Cooks


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