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  • Belle tells Shawn she wants him back. Shawn says he’ll never be able to forgive her for letting J.T. run out in front of Georgia’s car.
  • Frankie tells Greta he wants a divorce as soon as possible so he suggests going to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. Greta agrees.
  • Melissa and Sarah visit Maggie in prison. Maggie is remorseful and begs her daughters for their forgiveness. They ask why she has done this. Maggie says she does not know.
  • Shane and Kim arrive to be with Kayla and Steve, who has been tired to the bed by Kayla.
  • Belle apologizes but says J.T. is fine, and there is no reason for them not to be together now. Shawn says he wants to test the waters with Chloe. Belle begs Shawn not to do this. Shawn apologizes.
  • Frankie asks Melissa if she would be willing to accompany him to the Dominican Republic to see if they still have feelings for each other. Melissa agrees.
  • Miguel warns Sarah to drive wedge between Melissa and Frankie immediately.
  • Laura and Marlena diagnose Maggie as being temporarily insane. Maggie is transferred to the mental ward of the hospital. The Hortons agree this is a better alternative than prison.
  • Kayla informs Shane and Kim that Steve must have been programmed by Stefano or something because he kidnapped Stephanie! Kayla also says Steve shot her. Kim is concerned, but Kayla says it was a flesh wound and that she has already been treated and released from the hospital.
  • Belle breaks down in front of Chloe. She begs Chloe, as a friend, to leave Shawn alone just for a little while to see if they have a shot, for Claire’s sake. Chloe apologizes and refuses.
  • Sarah tells Melissa she cannot get back together with Frankie. Melissa is confused. She says she thought this was what Sarah wanted. She asks Sarah why she mailed Frankie the pictures if she didn’t want Melissa and Frankie back together. Sarah says Melissa cannot just be the runner up prize. Sarah encourages Melissa to find out if Frankie loves her truly…and not just loves her because Greta was unfaithful.
  • Greta invites Eric to go the Dominican. He agrees. The two seal the vacation plans with a kiss.
  • Steve awakens. He says he remembers kidnapping Stephanie and shooting Kayla, but he doesn’t remember why he did this. Steve breaks down. He says he is a danger and cannot be trusted. Steve tells Kayla to kill him. It’s the only way she will be safe. Kayla says she would rather die herself than live a life without Steve!
  • Belle confronts Chloe about Shawn. Chloe fires back saying Belle and Philip were together, and she did not care! Belle says that is different because Chloe had moved on with Brady, and Chloe and Philip were DONE. Chloe says Belle and Shawn are done too…Belle just refuses to accept it. Belle is fuming over Chloe’s words.
  • Miguel discovers Melissa, Frankie, Eric, and Greta will be in the Dominican Republic. Miguel and Sarah make plans to go to the Dominican in secret.
  • Kayla tells Steve they will figure out where Stephanie is and will rescue her. Kayla then says their next mission will be to kill Stefano!
  • Belle opens up to Carrie about how she is sick of being little Miss Nice Nice and getting trampled all over. She is sick of playing by the rules when no one else seems to! Carrie tells Belle she knows how she feels and explains how she was a victim for years.
  • Shane calls in a favor at the ISA to have an intense search for Stephanie launched. Shane suggests flying in Marlena to hypnotize Steve and figure out where he put Stephanie!
  • Greta, Frankie, Eric, and Melissa touch down in the Dominican. Miguel and Sarah are not far behind!
  • Carrie encourages Belle to grow a backbone and fight for Shawn.
  • Steve says he refuses to live a life as Stefano’s pawn.
  • Belle sees Shawn and Chloe, who are sharing a dance at the summer festival. Belle approaches Shawn and Chloe. She taps Shawn on the shoulder. He turns. Belle grabs Shawn and pulls him into a scorching hot kiss that leaves Shawn paralyzed with passion. Belle flashes Chloe a look of satisfaction. Belle tells Chloe to put on her battle armor because she is going to war for Shawn’s heart.


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Belle is one of my favorite younger characters on daytime and in the your blog!! I love that she's getting bitchy and fighting for her man!

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