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Chloe's got a secret!




  • Chloe meets with someone mysterious while in Shawn's loft. Chloe hides her mysterious friend when Shawn, Belle, and Philip return home suddenly from Lucas' funeral.
  • Kayla stands over an unconscious Steve. Kayla flashes back to Steve remembering he was the one who kidnapped Stephanie and shot Kayla. Kayla remembers knocking Steve out in order to protect them...both.
  • Jan is sentenced to jail until she can get a hearing. Bo vows to do whatever it takes to get her out since she protected Claire and Trey against Willow's kidnapping.
  • Miguel grabs Sarah and puts a gun to her head. He tells her he will get revenge on her for her betrayal.
  • Carrie tells Anna, her mother, how good it is to have no third party torturing them for the first time ever. Carrie says Mike is out of her life, romantically anyway, and Sami is no longer out to get Austin. Anna is so happy to see Carrie finally happy.
  • Austin takes a nap after Lucas' funeral because he is emotionally drained. While sleeping, Austin has horrible nightmares about Miguel and their past together.
  • Sarah apologizes profusely to Miguel. She begs him to forgive and says she will do anything to help him get Melissa back.
  • Kayla calls her sister, Kimberly, and asks her to join her in San Diego. Kayla says something very stange is going on with Steve, and she needs Kimber's help!
  • Jeremy begs his cousins, Melissa and Sarah, to drop the charges against Jan. They say they will do so only if Jan drops her vendetta against Maggie. Jeremy asks them to understand Maggie killed Jan's mother and that she wants to see justice done.
  • Austin comes face to face with Miguel.
  • Sami thanks Roman for being here for her during the last few days. Sami tells Roman he needs to get back to his life with Anna in Europe. Roman says he does not want to leave Sami, but Sami insists she will be fine.
  • Kimberly Brady (Patsey Pease) calls her ex-husband, Shane Donovan (Charles Shaughnessy), and informs him that Kayla and Steve need their help!
  • Kate asks Jenna to leave town now that the funeral is over. Kate says she appreciates her sister's support, but she'd feel more comfortable if Jenna was not here.
  • Billie collapses. Mike rushes her to the hospital. Once Billie is stabilized, Mike calls Nicole to inform her she is a match for Billie's T cells.
  • Austin's encounter with Miguel is cut short when Mike calls him about Billie's condition.
  • Kate and Jenna both rush to the hospital after Kate gets a call from Mike about Billie.
  • Jenna is shocked when she sees Mike...she asks Kate about him. Kate asks Jenna how she knows Mike...Jenna says she doesn't. Kate gets a strange vibe from Jenna.
  • Chloe's mysterious friend sneaks down the fire escape of the loft.
  • Mike explains to Nicole, Austin, and Kate that he did not know Nicole or Jan were related to Billie when he ran the tests and determined there was no match. He says he tested Jan and Nicole's files and has learned Nicole would be a good match for Billie to receive T cells to help her fight her lymphoma.
  • Jen is a little shaken when Jack runs off to join Billie's family at the hospital. Jack insists he loves Jennifer with all of his heart, but he says he cannot just abandon Billie. Jennifer understands and wants to be there for her, as well.
  • Roman and Anna prepare to leave town. They ask Sami and Carrie if they are sure they'll be OK. Roman asks Carrie to put her hate for Sami aside and help her get through this. Carrie says it's already been done and that she'll do anything she can for Sami. Carrie says she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost Austin the way Sami lost Lucas.
  • Meanwhile, Miguel burns a picture of a very young-looking Austin. He smiles, wickedly.
  • Belle tells Chloe she wants Shawn back. Chloe apologizes to Belle and tells her that Shawn can make his own decisions. Belle realizes this is war.
  • Mike decides to also test Billie's Aunt Jenna, saying the more blood donations Billie gets, the better off she will be.
  • Nicole and Kate bond as Nicole prepares for her blood donation and bone marrow donation.
  • Kimberly and Shane arrive at the San Diego airport from their individual locations. They hug when they see each other. It is awkward. They realize they need to get to Kayla and Steve immediately.
  • Kayla ties Steve to the bed. She vows to do anything to help get Steve back. She damns Stefano Dimera to the pits of hell.
  • Stefano, meanwhile, plays chess. He says all of his pawns are in place...and right where he wants them! He laughs maniacally.


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