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"The theme of the summer is secrets and lies! Everyone storyline will be affected by one or the other!"...previews King. "It will all wreak of old school 'DAYS! At least, I hope! And I don't mean 80's DAYS...I mean 90's DAYS. There will be a lot of intrigue, manipulation, and betrayal. There have been a lot of pay offs lately because that is what the plan was for the blog to end, but this summer will be a mix of more pay-offs and building some great, new storylines."

The Wrath of the Phoenix: Stefano is back. He has been back for a while now, but he has not had a reason to pounce on Salem. With his kids turning their backs on him and with everything going on with Maggie, he now will. Stefano is planning a huge surprise for Salem. It will hit on the fourth of July party. Alice and Hope, who is now the head of the Brady family with Caroline gone, make plans to have the Horton/Brady Bar-B-Q over the course of a weekend…on a cruise ship. All of the Brady’s and Horton’s will be in attendance, and Stefano will strike. It’s going to be a huge story. Friday, June 15th will be the kick off of this storyline.

Bo/Hope/Georgia/Duncan: Duncan (played by Dylan Walsh) is a sexy stranger who will bear a striking resemblance to Bo. This will of course mean big trouble for Bo and Hope. Georgia vs. Hope will reach proportions no one ever could have imagined.

John/Marlena and Aidan: Aidan is going to come to Salem and reunite John and Marlena in a great way. John and Marlena will finally get some happiness! They’ve been apart for too long. Aidan has a huge secret!

Tony/Kristen/Eric/Greta: These four will be going to the Dominican Republic for Greta and Frankie’s quickie divorce. There will be big danger there. Eric and Kristen will bond closer and closer to their baby…but not each other. Tony will try to win Kristen back, but it won’t be easy. Tony will be making love to someone who will shock everyone!

Frankie/Melissa/Miguel/Sarah: These four will also be in the Dominican Republic to help move along Frankie and Greta’s quickie divorce. Miguel is going to be the center of a huge dangerous plot. He will be using that gun, and someone on the canvas will die.

Georgia/Jeremy/Jan: A great Brady/Horton/Dimera triangle emerging for the second time ever, I believe. The first being Megan/Bo/Hope. It’s a great little dynamic going on here. Jeremy is a complex character. He’s a bad boy, but he’s a Horton, and both parts of his personality will be represented by these two ladies. Jeremy and Georgia will team up for a common goal. They’ll make an unholy alliance. Georgia will hopefully be seen as a young heroine throughout this all. Jan will spend her time in prison, and Jeremy and Georgia will be thrown together in a circumstance they can’t get out of.

Maggie: Laura and Marlena will get to the bottom of why Maggie is acting the way she has been. It will be a story into Maggie’s past. Maggie needs saving, and Stefano wants to be the one to do it.

Austin/Carrie: Miguel has a huge key to Austin’s past. Austin has a big secret that he learned to live with and hasn’t thought about in years. Carrie and Austin will be torn apart by a third party, but it is not anyone who wants to do it for romantic reasoning…

Jennifer/Jack/Peter/Sami: Seter have hit a huge road block with Lucas’ death. Sami discovers Stefano is alive and well, and she is going to have a huge proposition for him. Peter has to deal with the fact that he is, once again, runner-up in the heart of a beautiful blonde. Peter and Stefano’s connection will be revisited. Peter was the one child who never turned his back on Stefano. Jennifer and Jack will be doing their damnedest to make sure Peter Blake is run out of Salem for good.

Belle/Shawn/Chloe/Philip: This great little dynamic will continue, but Chloe has a big secret. Belle will find herself being torn between the way she is and wants to be…and the way she has to be in order to get Shawn back.

Addie/Andy/Steve/Kayla/Shane/Kim/Eugene/Calliope: Eugene/Calliope and Shane/Kim will be working with their children, Addie and Andy, to find Steve and Kayla and help Steve. Addie will hope and pray Andy will never find out she posed as E.C….but he will, eventually. Jack and Jen will also have a hand in this storyline.

Jenna/Mike/Billie:Jenna (Melrose Place star, Laura Leighton) is Kate’s sister so she will be nothing but trouble. She is going to be very attracted to Mike Horton (Matthew Fox), who will bond very much with Billie Reed. Billie is finally, finally, FINALLY going to find love in Salem. She is going to clash with her Aunt Jenna big time.

Victor/Kate: Victor will receive some shocking medical news that will spell trouble for these love birds. Kate and Laura's vendetta against each other is back because of everything that happened with Billie/Jack/Jen.

Will/Oscar: Will be getting a love interest in Oscar, who is still in the process of being cast. He will arrive in mid to late summer. The boy will have a connection to Salem that I guarantee no reader would ever guess.

Exits: There will be exits, as usual. There are a lot of people on recurring right now. A lot of the big May returns are on recurring, and they will all be heading out of town soon enough. These were returns in place as treats for fans when the blog was ending. Now the blog is staying, they will be written out, but the stories must run their course.


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