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Episode #258 - Wednesday, May 9th, 2007:

  • Carrie enters the apartment where Nicole, Peter, and Lucas are waiting. Sami is shocked to see her sister and asks her what the hell she is doing here. Carrie tells Sami she has something big to tell her.
  • Maggie appears to be having an internal struggle. She tries to fight for control of herself, but it appears something else is winning out.
  • Belle fears Shawn will never be able to forgive her for taking her eye off of J.T. while she was babysitting him…which led to his accident.
  • Celeste lies in a gutter, praying someone finds her so she can go to Salem and expose Maggie.
  • Shawn and Bo fight as Shawn has just learned Bo could have prevented J.T.’s accident by busting Georgia for drugs…but he fell for her lies and did not. Shawn punches Bo.
  • Carrie informs Sami as much as it kills her to tell her this…and hurt Sami like the way she hurt Carrie all of those times…she has to tell the truth! Sami is confused. Peter begins to realize what is going on.
  • Philip hears Chloe mumbling Shawn’s name in her sleep.
  • Max confronts Abby about the cuts all over her arms and legs.
  • Nicole worries her part in telling Carrie Peter’s secret will be revealed.
  • Steve has memory flashes of kidnapping Stephanie and shooting Kayla. He realizes he has no control over his own body.
  • Kayla wakes up as Steve continues to freak out in her hospital room.
  • Abby confesses to Max the memory flashes of the Fury killing Mimi, Rex, and Connor are too much pain to bare…and the only way to get rid of the pain…is to inflict more, so she cuts herself to relieve it.
  • Carrie tells Sami she had a visit from Nicole recently…and Nicole told her Peter has cheated on Sami…with Annie Douglas! Sami doesn’t believe it.
  • Maggie loses the internal struggle within herself…and evil emerges. Evil Maggie vows to kill Billie for her on-air confession saying she knows who the Fury is!
  • Jack lashes out at Billie for her on-air lie to lure out the Fury.
  • Kayla hears Steve confess to shooting her and kidnapping Stephanie! Kayla knows Stefano’s handy work when she sees it.
  • Lucas is pleased as Peter’s secret comes pouring out. Sami laughs, saying this doesn’t make sense. She repeats what Carrie has said…Nicole visited Carrie to tell her that Peter slept with Annie and cheated on Sami. She doesn’t believe it at first until she sees the look on Peter’s face. She puts it all together, realizing Nicole was out to make sure she did not end up with Peter. Sami does not believe it until she sees the look on Peter’s face. She realizes Carrie is telling the truth. Sami slaps Peter across the face!

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