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Episode #259 - Thursday, May 10th, 2007:

  • Sami slaps Peter across the face, saying she knows Carrie is telling the truth because of the look on his face. Peter says he did sleep with Annie, but it’s not what she thinks. Sami does not want to hear it. She walks to Nicole, who has a grin on her face, and decks her! Nicole falls to the ground.
  • Austin finds a note from Carrie…saying she has returned to Salem to take care of business.
  • Sami vows to Nicole she will get her revenge on her for this. She then moves on to Carrie. “Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen.”…Sami says. “Fallen to my level, the level you spend YEARS judging and condemning! Who is the manipulative bitch NOW, Carrie!?”…Sami screams. Carrie replies… “No, Sami, that’s not how this is. I admit it does feel good to inflict a little bit of the pain…a shred of the pain you inflicted on me and Austin for the last fifteen years…or the pain you inflicted on our son. But I am NOT a vindictive person, Sami! That’s the difference here. You schemed and manipulated and lied to ruin MY life and MY happiness! But me? Me? No one knows more than I do how much secrets can destroy lives. Nicole already knew about this! When would you have preferred this come out, Sami? Huh? At your wedding? Twenty years down the line? When, Sami!?”…Carrie asks, but Sami turns around quickly and clocks Carrie in the face.
  • Miguel continues to blackmail Sarah Horton into helping him win back her sister, Melissa. Miguel reminds Sarah that SHE is the woman he cheated on Melissa with!
  • Austin books a plane to Salem, hoping he’s not too late to stop Carrie from whatever it is she’s planning on doing.
  • Evil Maggie tries to get close to Billie in order to kill her, but she cannot get rid of Jack.
  • Sami accuses Carrie of being no better than Sami is.
  • Sarah flashes back to taking pictures of Greta and Eric sleeping together…and sending them to Frankie! She hopes Frankie will divorce Greta and reunite with Melissa. She just hopes Miguel does not find out about her betrayal to reunite Frankie and Melissa.
  • Hope tells Shawn he can never be with Belle after what she did to J.T.
  • Bo and Georgia bond…much to the chagrin of Hope and Shawn.
  • John and Marlena arrive in Madrid ready to figure out what she did during her missing years.
  • Jack and Billie’s wedding day nears.
  • Georgia sneaks in to see JT in his hospital room. She brings him hundreds of dollars worth of toys to try and ease her guilt of running him over.
  • Frankie recalls how he and Greta got to this point…he says he only married Greta to get her Von Amburg inheritance so that Melissa can pay off her ex and get her children back!
  • Melissa DEMANDS an answer from Miguel NOW – will he take the money and give her their kids back…or not!?
  • Hope is horrified when she sees Georgia and JT together. She runs into the room and rips Georgia from the room. She tells Georgia to stay the hell away from JT! Georgia shoves Hope off of her, and Hope shoves her back! Bo walks in to see Hope getting rough with Georgia.
  • Austin touches down in Salem!
  • Peter explains to Sami when he slept with Annie, they were not officially together yet! He says it was the night of their big fight. He admits there was romantic tension between them, but nothing was officially happening yet. Peter admits it shouldn’t have happened, but he said he did NOT cheat on Sami! Peter admits he is many things…a former con man…a Dimera…a former manipulator…and a liar, but he says his love is never in doubt! He proclaims he has never betrayed his love of a woman and he never would! He reminds Sami he was the first man to truly love Sami for who she is. He says he would never turn his back on her, and Sami should not turn hers on him. Everyone awaits Sami’s answer. Sami stares at Carrie in disgust. Lucas looks pleasantly and eagerly for Sami’s answer.

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