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Episode #257 - Tuesday, May 8th, 2007:

  • Nicole returns to Salem angry that her plan to have Carrie return and expose Sami did not work. Little does she know Carrie is on a plane to expose Peter and Annie’s affair right now!
  • Peter is kind of relieved Annie was murdered and that his affair will never come out.
  • Marlena and John head for Madrid on Tony’s private jet.
  • Alice confides in Melissa, Sarah, and Hope that she believes Maggie is drinking once again.
  • Addie (as E.C.), Andy, Jan, and Jeremy decide to camp out in Caroline’s room and hope for a clue about the Fury.
  • Belle tells Shawn she does not understand why he continues to push her away! She says she made one mistake, and she’s been punishing herself for months! She says JT turned out to be OK in the end so she doesn’t know why Shawn continues to hold this against her! Hope overhears Belle.
  • Kate overhears Victor praying for Caroline’s speedy recovery.
  • Lucas has a heart to heart with Maggie, and he realizes his eyes must have been playing tricks on him. He realizes he could not have seen Maggie putting on a mask in the alley of his apartment building.
  • Lucas refocuses on exposing Peter.
  • John romances Marlena on the plane. Marlena confesses she has finally forgiven John for keeping the truth from her about Greta being his daughter. She says she now knows what it’s like to keep a secret from her spouse out of love, but they agree to stop keeping secrets from each other.
  • Will manages to get Sami to admit that she is still in love with Lucas. She says a part of her will always be in love with him. Lucas overhears.
  • Kate tells Victor that he needs to make a decision between her and Caroline once and for all!
  • Chloe begins daydreaming about the encounter she had with Shawn where she saw him naked. Chloe realizes she cannot do this again. She said she came to Salem to make peace with her enemies…Jan, Mimi…and right her wrongs with Philip. She says she cannot fall back into the fold of causing trouble and starting relationships she cannot finish.
  • Philip walks in on Chloe, taking a nap…and mumbling Shawn’s name in her sleep!
  • Victor vows to choose between Caroline and Kate.
  • Celeste hits snag coming to Salem when she falls and twists her ankle…ending up in a gutter on the side of the road!
  • Jack lashes out at Billie! He doesn’t understand why she would put herself in danger like this.
  • Hope storms into the room and lashes out at Belle, telling her you don’t just get over your son almost dying at the hands of someone else you also love. Belle says that is not what she meant, but Hope does not want to hear it! She unwillingly tells Shawn that Bo had knowledge of Georgia’s drug addiction before the accident.
  • Shawn tracks down Bo and punches him across the face, sending Bo to the ground.
  • Nicole decides she might have to be the one to expose Peter so she gathers Peter, Sami, and Lucas to reveal the truth, but Nicole is thrilled when Carrie knocks at the door…ready to reveal Peter’s secret!

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