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calling for the future

Ms. Walsh


In less that two weeks (12 days), I will be home on spring break. I am very excited because I'm definitely getting sick of this place. It's not that I don't like it here, but sometimes you just need to get away in order to appreciate it more. I think this is my problem because I'm in a rut: it's from doing too much homework and not getting enough appreciation for it.

Mary might be coming to visit me. Her spring break is next week, and since we won't be able to hang out together at home, I asked her to come visit me here. I figured that it'd be better than me going there again...that was a scary experience. I just hope that it can be in the beginning of the week because I have two essays and a mid-term at the end. It will just be nice to see her, though I don't know how much she'll like Smith. Hopefully the weather will warm up and we'll be able to go around town. Otherwise, the place is kind of dull!

PS. Friday it's supposed to be 55*!!! YAY! :D

I decided that it's worthless to take math and science. I don't care about Latin honors because I won't get it, and I'd rather take classes that I want to take. If somehow miraculously, I find out that I have good enough grades to get Latin Honors, then I'll take a math and science my senior year. No big deal. Plus, I heard that the distribution is a sham by Smith to get us all to get quantitative skills. Well, no dice. This is a small liberal arts college, not some big research university. Screw Smith.


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