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Next Generation Love Triangle!?!




Bi-Bi, Tradition!?

Is the blog saying Bi-Bi to traditional love triangles? Things have taken a turn for the interesting as Andy Donovan, son of 80's supercouple, Shane and Kim, has recently bumped quite literally into a new, mysterious blonde beauty, Addie (Emily Harper). Quirky Addie is keeping a huge secret, but what can it be!? Fans have already noted the identical name between her and Addie Horton, Hope's mother, but it is unknown right now as to whether that is a red herring...or some kind of clue!

It might not be so easy for lovebirds, Addie and Andy. Why? Because Andy's roommate at Salem's local all boy's university is the equally shady and mysterious E.C., who has the hots for Andy! E.C. recently got Andy drunk and took advantage of him in his drunken state, which has caused Andy to question his sexuality. Is this the first bi-sexual love triangle of the blog!? Fans should not miss Friday, April 20th, when this storyline takes a DRAMATIC turn...and E.C.'s shocking secret is REVEALED!


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i love it!! i actually have a bi love triangle im workin on as well (for my online soap - not in my real life mind you!) and ive always wanted to read someone else's and watch one play out or something. idk why but unless it s a mostly gay show tv and even movies dont seem to dive into the world of bisexual and i dont know why. so im glad that someone is doing it!! i cant wait to watch (err... read) it all play out!!

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