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Christie Clark, who left the show back in November with Austin Peck(ex-Austin), could be returning to LIS this Summer! Sources have said she is in talks with the show to return!

"There is still plenty of story to tell with the character of Carrie," the headwriter says "I only cut Carrie and Austin the first time because I had no plans for them. Carrie fled town after it was revealed John was her father. Sometime, Carrie's going to have to face the truth sometime. And she definately needs to be here for "The War". She is a prominent Brady. We couldn't do this story without her."

"I was suprised when I got the call," Christie laughed "I really expected that to be my last time in Salem. But I truly would love to return to the set. But I am unsure. I trust the headwriter, but I wouldn't want my return to go the way it did last time around."

So, will she return? You'll just have to keep reading, because LIS might pull something out of the blue that's unexpected! But a question is also here: What about Austin?

"I have yet to contact Austin Peck, but soon I will. He will probably be back for this story.....but he might not! However, if he doesn't, it won't mean Carrie and Austin are seperated! This time if/when Carrie and possibly Austin return, they will be together!" the headwriter says


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Coolness. I love Christie Clark and Carrie is one of my fave daytime characters of all time.

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I love that another Brady is coming back for "The War" I can't wait for that storyline

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