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Many rumours continue to fly regarding the things happening on LIS. Here are some of the big rumours:

-Rumours are still flying that Melissa shall return. It has been confirmed she will return for Alice's funeral, but could she stay longer? Also, new rumours have surfaced that she will be bringing back another person. Sarah? Another child? A husband?

-According to new rumours, another return is happening. One fans would not expect!

-Apparently, more DiMera's are to come to LIS!

-Julie shall soon play a big role on LIS! Only a rumour, but it's a strong possiblity!

-A shocker is coming for Bo and Hope. But this rumour says not only that, but this shall shove them to the frontburner! And Susan Hayes could sign a CONTRACT!

-The recast for Will has been decided!

-Abby's love interest is being brought on.

Will any of these come true?! When LIS returns and with upcoming news, readers shall soon find out!


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