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Updates On Returning Characters



Two Surprise Returns Follow Up!

Lic Itup


On yesterday’s episode of GH: Secrets & Lies, viewers were treated to a very good surprise when Lynn Herring returned to the show as fan favorite Lucy Coe Collins! The actress has been in talks to return to the show since last year. Lynn actually signed a contract to return to the show back in July, but her return was only known by high level executives.

Lynn is very happy with her upcoming storyline and is thrilled that the show asked her to return. Don’t expect things to be smooth between she and Kevin anytime soon. She asked the writers not to pair her up immediately with Jon Lindstrom’s character because she wanted the chance to work with other actors.


Additionally, viewers were stunned to see AJ Quartermaine return to the show! Some fans were disappointed that neither Sean Kanan or Billy Warlock were asked to return. Actor Dan Gauthier (ex-Kevin, OLTL) has taken over the role. When asked why Dan was chosen, the show replied that AJ was to be taken in a new direction.

“We feel that Dan will transition the AJ character into the next phase of his life. We feel that Dan is an amazing actor who will do great things. We would have loved to bring back Billy or Sean, but we felt Dan was the better choice.”

During AJ’s time back, he will try to make amends with his son and the mother of his child. The history between AJ & Carly is so rich and the writers plan on capitalizing on that. There are no plans to kill of AJ’s character under this regime and there are no plans to pair up Carly & AJ romantically. AJ’s storyline will predominately involve him trying to have a relationship with Michael.


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It's about time Lucy Coe came back to GH...I love her.. This is going to be interesting how she turns things upside down for Monica and Kevin ;)

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Hey Scotty,

I intend to address AJ's "death". I don't like to just ignore what really happened, especially if there's a way to write around it. Acting like stuff never happened is not something I'll do. Now you may think my explanation is stupid, but at least I'll address it, lol.

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