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Episode 28- Christmas Eve





(EXT- Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

----Eden is wrapping presents in the living room as Cruz sits at the table, reading the article about the arrests. She can tell that something is weighing on his mind and asks what's wrong. He's quiet at first, only saying he has to stop at the station before everyone comes over for Christmas. Eden pries, saying it's Christmas Eve and for him to go into work, it has to be pretty important. Cruz slowly starts opening up to her, telling her about the shootout the day before and the subsequent arrest of Carlos.

"All sounds good so far," Eden says "You all (the department) have been after him for a long time.....I'm just glad you're okay...."

"I'm fine darlin, it's Angel that I'm worried about."

"Angel- what about him? Is he alright? Was he hurt in some way?"

"He's in jail."

Cruz explains that Angel was helping the SBPD on the case in exchange for his early release. In order to not blow his cover, Cruz had no choice but to arrest him. That's why he has to go in- he's stopping by Angel's to explain to Carla & Marta, so they can at least visit him on Christmas. Eden asks to go with him. Cruz is hesitant, but Eden laments that a woman's perogative would help, especially since she and Carla have a deal in place. Cruz asks her what kind of deal and Eden tells them that when they visited, they each promised they'd keep an eye on both men, and if they were in any kind of trouble, they'd tell each other. Not able to argue further, Cruz agrees to let her tag along. Eden calls for Adriana, who's just finished getting ready for the holiday. She instructs her to let her grandparents in when they arrive and to baste the turkey in the oven. Adriana asks where they're going, but they tell her not to be so nosy- maybe they have a Christmas surprise up their sleeves.

(EXT- The Capwell Mansion)

----Rosa spies CC & Sophia wrapping presents for their grandchildren. She thinks of Ruben and she together years before. Suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around and sees her deceased husband standing in front of her.

"Merry Christmas, Rosa"

"Merry Christmas mijo" she replies, with a tear in her eye.

He kisses her and she wraps her arms around him. She tells him how much she misses him and asks him if he's seen how their children have grown up. He smiles and nods, replying that they came from good parents. Ruben asks her what's wrong and she says she's feeling lonely this year for Christmas- Danny won't be coming home and she hasn't even heard from Santana. Ruben tells her not to worry- their children are safe and will be with people they love on Christmas. So will she. Rosa agrees, saying she's very grateful to be going to Cruz & Eden's for Christmas Eve. Ruben tells her he has to be going. Rosa asks him to stay, just for a moment, there with here. He again puts his hand on her shoulder and disappears. The doorbell rings. She walks to get it, wondering who it could be. She opens the door and Kelly Capwell is standing on the other side of it.

"Merry Christmas Rosa!!!"

"Merry Christmas Kelly." Rosa says, trying not to sound disappointed.

(EXT: The Lockridge Mansion)

---Augusta mixes up a batch of Christmas martinis as Lionel pokes at the fire. Warren remarks that the two of them are awfully cheerful today.

"It's Christmas son!" Lionel tells him.

"That explains why mom is calling chilled glasses of Beefeaters 'Christmas Martinis'."

Augusta offers them one- Warren accepts, but Lionel declines. Lionel remembers that Minx always used to have Manhattans for Christmas. Warren recalls what a pistol Minx was. Augusta reminisces about Minx being such an intimidating presence at first, but ended up finding they were more alike than different.

"Mother always saw some of herself in you, you know" Lionel says.

Augusta shares that while they were cut from the same cloth, she couldn't come close to living up to Minx in some aspects. Lionel agrees that his mother was far more ruthless and cunning than Augusta could ever pull off, which she admits is true. The doorbell rings and Warren is thrilled by who's on the other side : it's his sister, Laken! Laken is thrilled to be reunited with her parents and her brother. Julia and Mason arrive, stopping by before going over to Cruz & Eden's. Julia can't believe how much Laken has grown up over the years. Laken asks Mason about his family, and he says they're all well. Laken specifically asks about Ted and is surprised to find out that he's married. Mason apologizes, but excuses himself, saying that there's a charity he's donating to for the holiday that he must visit.

"Sounds like community service to me." Augusta says to Julia after he's left.

"That's enough Augusta. Please. it's Christmas Eve. Gift me your vow of silence on Mason for the next two days. Can you do that? "

"I'll try."

"Try hard"

"I'll try."

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

----Sophia & CC reunite with their daughter. Rosa acts happy for them all, but secretly wishes she could be with her own children. CC says that they weren't sure if she was going to make it, especially after the debacle during Ted's wedding. Kelly apologizes again for not being able to make it, but Sophia laments that they're just happy she's there now. Kelly says she wants to unpack and relax, but they tell her they're leaving to go to Cruz & Eden's for the evening. Kelly suggests that they go ahead and she'll follow but CC won't hear of it. She reluctantly goes along. Sophia asks if Rosa is coming and she replies that she'll be by shortly.

(EXT: Angel & Carla Ramirez's House)

---Cruz and Eden pull up in the driveway. Cruz admits he's reluctant to even go. Eden tells him they owe it to Carla and Marta and they head to the door. Marta answers.

"Marta, we need to talk to...."

She slams the door on his face. The wreath hanging on the front of it falls to their feet. Cruz picks it up and places it on the door. Eden affirms that he should knock again. As he's about to do that, Carla opens the door.

"What are you doing here? How could you possibly think we'd want to see you today?"

"Cruz needs to talk to you. There are some things you need to understand..."

"Understand? What could I possibly need to understand Eden? It's Christmas Eve. It was to be the first Christmas I spend with my Angel for 20 years. 20 YEARS! It was to be my daughter's first Christmas with him in her entire life. And now, and now, he's spending the holiday in jail and we are alone. Again. So much for beginning new traditions..."

Carla begins to choke up, but holds back, not wanting to appear weak in front of the Castillos. Cruz asks again if he can come in, but she insists they stay outside, though she'll hear what they have to say. Marta protests in the background, but Carla calms her, telling her she should hear what Mr. Castillo has to say as well. Cruz explains to them that it was Angel's idea that Cruz arrest him. Carla asks what he's gotten her husband involved in, but Cruz is unable to go into detail. Marta pitches a fit at that, telling Cruz that she has a right to know why her father is behind bars. He took her father away once for her entire life, why would he give him back to them only to take him away again? Cruz stands there, looking at the young girl, speechless to her question. Eden apologizes for her husband and reminds Carla that she doesn't approve of what they're up to, nor is she fully aware of the details. She tells Carla that she has learned to trust her husband in these situation and offers that Carla should do the same. Eden tells Cruz to give her the letter Angel wrote. Cruz agrees, but tells Carla that she has to burn it when she's through reading it, for everyone's safety. Carla looks at Eden and she nods for her to do as instructed.

"Will he be in jail for Christmas? When can we bail him out? Can we see him tonight?" she inquires.

"Not tonight, no, he hasn't reached that part of population yet. Unfortunately, there are no judges working the holidays, so we can't even get him a bond until the day after. We've arranged it so you'll be able to spend part of the day together tomorrow, but he will not be able to leave the jail. It's how he wanted it. I disagreed at first, but when he explained, it made sense..."

"I'm sure it didn't take much for you to agree." Marta spits.

Eden invites them to their house for the holidays, talking up all of the food that Cruz's parents will be bringing.

"Are you kidding me?" Marta exclaims. "You can't be serious. Mama, are these people for real?"

"Hush, Marta." she scolds "That's kind of you Eden, it is, but I don't think that would be such a good idea, considering the circumstances. Merry Christmas."

She shuts the door, letter in hand.

"Merry Christmas." Eden says, quietly, understanding Carla's pain.

(EXT: San Remos Emergency Clinic)

---Mason arrives at the clinic and greets the nurse with a "Merry Christmas." She replies that it's a Merry Christmas indeed. He tells her that he's here to drop off a donation for the children's wing of the hospital. She thanks him for his continued generosity, but tells him the kids are all disappointed. Mason worries that gifts weren't plentiful, but the nurse tells him it's not that- the usual person who plays Santa Claus for them has taken ill and nobody is around to step in, since it's Christmas Eve and all. Mason says he didn't bring any kind of suit, but the nurse offers the red coat & hat the hospital has. She says the children really would be thrilled and Mason asks what he'd do. Just read the Christmas story, the nurse offers.

(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

(Musical accompaniment for the final scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlyFYiqrsiY&feature=related )

---Adriana is thrilled to see Rafael & Carm, her grandparents and is shocked to see her Aunt Carmen, whom she hasn't seen in years. Rafe has a warm reunion with his father and 1/2 sister. Rafe introduces them to Samantha. Rafael realizes right away that she's Mason & Julia's daughter, and remembers spending time with her as a little girl. Cruz & Eden arrive home and are reunited with the family.

(EXT: Lockridge Mansion)

----Lionel & Augusta toast to Minx, with Warren and Laken sitting, noticing how happy their parents are. Lionel and Augusta cheers glasses, looking into each other's eyes, smiling. They drink, and kiss. Laken and Warren look at each other and smile, enjoying the warm moment.

(EXT: San Remos Emergency Clinic)

----Mason sits by the Clinic's Christmas tree, dressed in the Santa Hat and coat, no beard. All of the children of the hospital surround him, with a little 3 year old girl sitting across his lap, sucking on her thumb. He recites the Christmas story to them all, with the nurses and some parents looking on and smiling.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---Rosa walks through the living room from her bedroom. She dims the lights in the foyer and heads back to the living room to do the same. In the living room, she sees Ruben again, smiling at her. She smiles back at him and blows him a kiss, choking back her tears. She heads to the Capwell kitchen and collects her purse and keys. She takes them and dims the kitchen light. She opens the door to outside and locks up around her. When she turns around, Santana is standing behind her.


"Merry Christmas mama"

Rosa's eyes well up with tears and she embraces her daughter. She hugs her and sees Ruben standing over behind Santana's shoulder. Ruben winks and she winks back.

(EXT: St. Peter's Church)

---Carla and Marta are shown sitting in the pews, singing with the congregation. Carla is crying and Marta squeezes her hand for support. Carla takes the letter from her pocket and holds it close to her heart. Marta looks at her mother and Carla looks back. They squeeze their hands harder together.

(EXT: Santa Barbara Jail)

---Angel is shown, sitting in his jail cell, alone, staring at a picture of his wife and daughter. He kisses his finger & presses it against the photograph, offering them a Merry Christmas.

(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

---Kelly, CC, & Sophia arrive and Kelly especially is greeted with hugs. Ted and Angela arrive, followed closely by Julia. All three greet Kelly warmly. Samantha lips the words to Julia "WHERE'S DAD?" and Julia lips back "he'll be here." Cruz is shown cutting the turkey as everyone begins filling their plates. The family is shown happy together, talking, drinking and eating, as Santana and Rosa arrive. The focus shifts to Julia, who's pain is evident.

(EXT: San Remos Clinic)

---The nurse is shown from behind, walking towards the children's wing and Mason's reading. Meanwhile, Mason continues with the story for all of the delighted children. He comes to the ending part and they act disappointed, asking him to do it again. He tells them that Santa can only do it once a year and that he has to get back to his own daughter. Mason hands the little girl to a one of the workers and stands up. The nurse enters, directing the woman she's with to Santa Claus. Mason is distracted by the children's pleas as he attempts to exit, but stops dead in his tracks when he sees Mary standing there before him. Mason just looks at her, looking her up and down, unable to speak.

"Merry Christmas, Mason."

"It's...you....it's really you." He touches her, grabbing her on the arm as if to make sure she's real. This startles her and makes her choke back a tear aloud. Mary can't help herself and begins to sob.

"Yes, Mason." she barely gets out the words "It's me........." she sobs "It's me......."

Mason looks at her with wonder and she stares back at him, crying hard now. He takes her and kisses her passionately, like never before, as she continues to cry in his embrace. He pulls back and wipes the tears from her eyes, which makes her simultaneously laugh and cry. He smiles and laughs with her and takes her again, kissing her even more passionately than before, as the children, nurses, and interns are shown looking at them, some smiling, some crying, some hopeful. They continue to kiss as the song ends and scene fades.

THE END...........for today


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It feels like such a family Christmas. People coming home, especially favorites like Laken and Kelly. Wonderful episode!

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Eden & Cruz cooking anything more complex than toast for a large number of people is grounds for some serious comedy material! Fortunately, Adriana doesn't seem to have inherited her parent's culinary abilities (or lack thereof ;)). Very nice, homey holiday feel to this eppy.:)

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Hi Greg,

I see you're back. Well done, my friend! smile.png

But I noticed something: Rafe and Sam were dating before - or at least Sam liked Rafe very much and Mason and Mary had had also a common story... o.O Just saying.

Anyway: happy new year!

Bye, Viki

PS: This song is perfect here! Thanx! :)

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