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In a shocking turn of events, the blog will be mirroring a casting decision that the actual show has made! Jay Kenneth Johnson will be reprising the role of Philip Kiriakis this February!

"I'm really excited to be writing for JKJ. He was always Philip to me, and he is going to come back with a bang. He's going to be involved with Shelle for the beginning, but there is going to be more to the story this time around."...says the writer. "JKJ will have new sexiness and chemstry to bring to Phelle, but he won't be in Belle's life as a romantic interest for very long."

He'll be returning to the show in February for the wedding of his brother, Bo Brady, and sister, Billie Reed.


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Didn't you kill off Philip? Am I thinking about the right DAYS blog?

Who cares though! So glad JKJ is coming back as Philip on the real show and now on your blog. I'm definitely bringing him back. I had plans for Dan Wells, but this news makes me ask, "Dan who?"

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Last time we saw Phillip, he had returned to expose all of Jan's dirty little secrets!

Thanks for commenting, guys. :)

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Hot damn! JKK looks like something straight out

of a Cabana Boy Rum bottle! :P Way to cash

in on 'DAYS' doing something right for once. :lol:

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