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Episode 20



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(EXT: the beach, panning up to Mason & Julia's Home)

---Julia sits at the kitchen table, reading Warren's article about the merger between Capwell Enterprises and Wayne, INC. Mason enters from upstairs, dressed for the day. Samantha tells her father how nice he looks and he asks her how she's feeling. She claims to be doing better, though she's frustrated about not being able to get around as she likes. Mason urges her to take it easy and Julia agrees, telling her that adding any unnecessary stress to her bones and muscles could slow her recovery down. Mason notices the newspaper in Julia's hand.

"I take it you've read about dad's business deal."

"Some of it......I didn't even know Sophia had a sister"

"That probably has something to do with the fact that she's never mentioned her. Strangely enough, neither has dad....."

"It seems odd that your father would take this kind of a deal- from what I'm reading, they'll be sharing control of both companies and are equal partners in all senses of the word."

"You don't know the half of it. You should read the agreement dad is planning on entering into with her! I was going over it last night and some of these demands she's made.......it's so unlike dad to cowtow to anyone like this."


"Yes, you know, pander to..... " She stares at him, trying to keep a straight face.

"Seriously Julia, some of the stuff in it is downright peculiar, especially given who she is..."

Samantha laughs in the other room that yet another skeleton is coming out from the Capwell family closet, it seems. Mason, though annoyed with her, can't help but wonder if she's right, as does Julia. Mason asks Samantha what time Rafe is coming by, and she tells him he's coming over shortly- not to worry. Mason comments that Rafe should be in jail or at least have his license taken away.

"DAD!! You promised....... It wasn't Rafe's fault..."

"You're right Samantha- you were the one who was angry your ex-girlfriend was getting married and your the one who hopped on your bike and drove through the winding roads like a maniac..."

Samantha cracks a smile and tells him she understands his point, but that Rafe is remorseful and is very helpful to her. Julia agrees and she and Mason simultaneously head out the door for work. Shortly after they leave, Samantha fantasizes about Rafe shirtless, carrying her around in her casts. She sees herself seducing him, in her brace & all. She snaps out of it when she hears the roar of Rafe's motorcycle outside. She smiles devilishly.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---CC comes downstairs and is irked to find noone around.

"Sophia? Rosa? ROSA? Why is it every time I need that woman, she's nowhere to be found......... ROSA?!?!??"

"Aye, aye, Quiete CC, I hear you. What is the matter?"

He asks her if she's seen Sophia this morning. Rosa tells him that she's been gone to the grocery store all morning. She mentions that when she just returned, she noticed Sophia's car wasn't in the driveway. CC wonders where she could be and Rosa attempts to cover, thinking Sophia has gone to see her doctor. Rosa suggests she went to bring flowers to Samantha, since she mentioned something like that the day before. CC calms down, agreeing that may be it. He comments it's a shame, since he was planning on going in to the office late and had planned the special breakfast Rosa was making. No sooner does he speak than Ted arrives, smelling something in the kitchen. CC asks his son what he's doing there so early.....and alone. Ted teases that perhaps he'll tell him........over breakfast. Rosa smiles and tells them there's plenty working in the kitchen that she'll have ready shortly.

(EXT: Capwell Towers Hotel)

---Pamela eats a croissant and sips her tea as she reads Warren's article about the merger. She relishes seeing that Wayne, INC is the company they've merged with to prevent the takeover. She's surprised to hear a knock at her suite.

"That's funny, I'm not expecting anyone......." (she opens the door) "Augusta?!?"

"Someone's taking their meds as recommended I see. May I come in?"

"Sure.....I'm surprised to see you is all"

Augusta comments that nothing should surprise Pamela by now. Pamela admits to being intrigued as to why Augusta is there to see her in the first place. Augusta informs her it's about the author of the article she was just reading. Augusta warns her to stay away from her son. Pamela is intrigued, telling Augusta that the only time she's seen him at all since being in town was at the Lockridge mansion for Thanksgiving......where Augusta had invited her. Augusta fires back that it's her behavior on that evening that provoked her in the first place. Pamela admits to flirting with Warren, but claims it was completely innocent. Augusta rebuts that it didn't look so innocent to hear.

"Oh, Augusta, really, what kind of fool do you take me for? You're not here because you're worried about some ridiculous affair I'm having with your son."


"Of course not. It's what I know....that's what worries you?"

"And what is it you think you know Pamela?"

She laughs. "Augusta, we both know that I'm aware of who Warren's real father is."


"Oh, Augusta, really, you have nothing to worry about. Your secret is safe. Knowledge is power, my dear. Why would I go telling Warren the truth, robbing me of that? No my dear, I'll hold onto it.....like anything else, I may need to use it someday..."

"Is that a threat?"

"More like a promise dear. Now if there's nothing else, I do have to shower and get ready for the day. I have appointments to keep, people to see, that sort of thing"

Augusta storms off and Pamela smiles. "A perfect way to start such a beautiful day..."

(EXT: Mason & Julia's House)

----Rafe enters the house and sees Samantha on the floor, lying helpless in pain, sobbing. Rafe asks her what happened and she claims she fell. Rafe tends to her, telling her he's going to lift her up and take her to the couch. She tells him it hurts and looks into his eyes as he tells her it will be alright. She asks him to be gentle and he smiles and nods at her. She puts her arms around his neck and he carries her to the couch. He tells he thinks they should call the doctor, but she stops him, insisting that she's fine, much better now that he's there. Rafe agrees, though he tells her they'll be mentioning it to Mason & Julia later, as he doesn't want to be in any more hot water with the two of them. Samantha smiles and tells him not to worry about her father, that she'll handle him. She asks if he's heard from Lily since the whole wedding fiasco and he admits he has. Samantha wonders if he'll go back to her and Rafe replies that he isn't sure. He tells Samantha that Lily hurt him very much and he her. He tells her that after everything with the wedding, he began to see that and isn't sure if they can ever get past that. Evenso, he told Lily that he needs some time to himself at the moment and Samantha agrees that it's probably best. She puts her hand on his shoulder to console him and he turns his head and looks at her. She stares directly back at him, getting lost in the moment. Just as they begin to lean in, Adriana bursts through the door with balloons & flowers for her cousin. Samantha shoots her a look and thanks her, however sarcastically. Rafe's cell phone rings and he excuses himself from the room, heading outside.

"Could you have any worse timing?" Samantha asks Adriana.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to interrupt your seducing of my Uncle...My bad"

"It sounds so gross when you say it!"

"That's because it is gross. He's my uncle, Samantha."

"Your very young, very hot uncle, Adriana....."

Adriana stares back at her and tells her it doesn't matter, since he's obviously still hung up on Lily. Samantha claims he just got done telling her that it was over between them, but Adriana isn't buying it. She asks Samantha just who she thinks Rafe is outside on the phone with? Samantha is insistent it wasn't Lily but Adriana thinks otherwise. Rafe comes back in the house and Samantha asks who he was on the phone with. She smirks at Adriana when he tells them it was Julia and that he told her about what had happened. Samantha asks him not to be so protective of her, but Rafe insists on it, telling her he cares about her and doesn't want to see her hurt any more than she already is. Samantha smiles and thanks him, as Adriana rolls her eyes.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Sophia storms into the offices and demands to see Elizabeth. Kathleen informs her that Elizabeth hasn't gotten there yet today and Sophia tells her she'll just wait then. Kathleen tells her she shouldn't be there, which sets Sophia off. She tells Kathleen that this is her husband's company and if she wants to wait for someone there, she will do just that. Kathleen tries to interject, but Sophia's not hearing any of it. Just then, the elevator opens, with Elizabeth in it. Sophia walks up to it, with Kathleen following close behind her.

"Ms Wayne, Ms Wayne," Kathleen says, "I tried to stop her."

"It's alright, Kathleen. Don't worry about it. I'll take it from here."

Elizabeth greets Sophia, who tells her to save it- they haven't spoken in 40 years, why be civil now? Elizabeth retorts that she doesn't plan on doing that at all. Sophia asks her what the hell she's up to with the company. Elizabeth tells Sophia she should be thanking her, seeing as how she saved CC's company from the takeover. Sophia replies that she'll be doing no such thing.

"Sophia, you never do change, do you? Same self-centered b i t c h you always were. Not everything in the world is about you, dear. You never seem to learn that."

"Oh, and why are you helping CC then, exactly? After all these years, you find his company in a crisis and decide to swoop in and save it? What's in it for you? And what the hell have you been telling Pamela Conrad?"

"The truth. Don't worry about what's in it for me, sister of mine. After all the two of you have done to me, consider yourself lucky that you've been in my presence this long and I've resisted the urge to strangle you with my bear hands."

"Why hold back?"

"Because then I wouldn't get to enjoy THIS half as much"

Sophia is stunned when two Capwell security guards take her by the arms and begin walking her to the elevators.

"Joe! Ralph! Take your hands off of me, what do you think you're doing?"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Capwell, but we don't have a choice."

Sophia asks why and Elizabeth informs her that she has been barred from the building. Sophia replies that now way could that be true, CC would never agree to something like that. Elizabeth sees Mason walking up behind them.

"Oh, but he did........ Didn't he, Mason?"

Sophia looks at her step-son and he apologizes, informing her that Elizabeth is telling the truth. Sophia screams at Mason that CC would never do that to her and Mason again apologizes to her, telling her that CC did in fact sign the agreement himself. Elizabeth smiles as the elevator doors close with the guards and Sophia in them.

"Bye bye Sophia" She snarls, and Mason shoots her a look. "What are you looking at?"

"What is with the resentment toward your own sister, Elizabeth? I couldn't believe it when I read the agreement this morning...."

"Mason, you've lived with your step-mother for much of your life, you know exactly who she is. It shouldn't even come as a surprise to you that she omitted the fact she had a sister, let alone one who detests her as I do. Perhaps your mother could fill you in on just what kind of woman Sophia Wayne was. There are reasons why Pamela hates her, just as there are reasons why I haven't spoken to her in so long and even went so far as to have her barred from this building. She's poison, Mason. Though, maybe you already knew that...."

She walks off, leaving Mason to ponder.

THE END....................for TODAY!


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I thought about you when I wrote this episode! ;)

Glad you enjoyed it! Elizabeth has her reasons

for what she's doing, as you'll find out.

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  • Members

Sophia has to get better so she can kick her sister's ass!!!!

And then she can turn around and kick CC's for agreeing to bar her from the Capwell Office.

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  • Members

Haha, I don't mind if you say b i t ch- you just

have to be creative is all! Sophia, though she's

changed over the years, was not always the

virtuous woman she is today. I'm bringing up

her past and applying it to her present. You'll

just have to wait and see.

The young people in the beginning of the episode

(as pictured up top) are (from left to right) Samantha

Capwell (Mason & Julia's daughter), Rafe Castillo (Cruz's

half-brother) and Adriana Castillo (Cruz & Eden's


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  • Members

Holy Cow! Love the Sophia part and I love the

Augusta/Pamela interaction. Excellent job. You are

doing a great job at keeping the storylines diversified

and not all in one place. If that makes sense.

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