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Episode #160 - Friday, July 21:



Episode #160 - Friday, July 21:

BLOG BONUS: "Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams

- Abe, Lexie, and Theo get stranded in the elevator at the Penthouse Grill.

- Megan tortures Belle while Shawn and Jan finally return to Salem.

- Greta realizes that maybe it's better never to tell John and Marlena the truth about his being her father. Meanwhile, Kristen recalls how she overheard that secret and is plotting to use it to her advantage.

- The Penthouse Grill is taken aback with looks of shock and horror at Will's confession. Lucas and Sami look to one another and then immediately run to the balcony. Will asks Cassie if that was broadcasted to the entire room. Will can tell from the look on Cassie and Georgia's faces that it was. Will is crushed. Austin feels guilty. Sami and Lucas enter the balcony with emotions that run the gamut - they have looks of shock, relief, fear, anger, and disappointment.

- Abe informs Lexie that he is leaving Salem with Theo. Lexie breaks down.

- Megan forces Belle to an emotional breakdown when she uses the speakers in Belle's apartment to push her over the edge of her depression and anxiety.

- Abe tells Lexie that he can trace the destruction of their marriage back to when she found out she was a Dimera. He tells her that he hopes it was worth it because it has now cost her her marriage and son.

- Cassie and Georgia leave the balcony while Carrie, Caroline, and Marlena join Lucas, Sami, Will, and Austin on the balcony. Sami asks Will if it's true. She asks Will if he's gay. Will begins to shed tears over the embarassment of having this come out so publically and because of the fear. But he wipes away the tears and turns to face Sami and Lucas. He confirms it.

- Belle can't take it anymore. She begins slamming things all over the apartment and pulling on her hair. She runs to the bathroom saying over and over that she can't take this post-partum depression anymore. Belle takes out razor blades.

- Eric senses something wrong in Annie. He asks her what she is hiding or keeping. Annie breaks down telling him that no man has ever truly loved her for who she is, and she worries that she is once again falling for a man who will leave her one day and leave her more heartbroken than she was when he found her. Eric promises that won't happen. He explains to Annie that he's been hurt in the past, as well, and he would never break her heart. Eric and Annie kiss passionately. Greta sees this and hears the last bit of their conversation. She recalls Celeste's premonition that she will find happiness with someone who is not Jack, Austin, or Eric! Meanwhile, a messenger finds Greta and presents "Princess Von Amburg" with a telegram.

- Sami lashes out at Will telling him that she can't believe he would do this to her. Will explains that this isn't about her and has nothing to do with her. Sami begins crying and asks Will if it is something she and Lucas did wrong. Will lashes back asking where he should begin to point out the mistakes she has made in parenting. But then he retracts, saying that has nothing to do with it. Sami asks how long Will has known about this. Will says a few years and that is why he ran away from home in the spring. Sami asks Will if he has ever been with a man, and he says that he hasn't. Sami suggests that he really doesn't know then what he is! Will tells Sami that he knows. Sami breaks down even more. Lucas tries to calm Sami and Will down. Lucas tells Will that they will love him no matter what, he deserves the right to be happy. Why should he have to live his life pretending he's someone he isnt?...Lucas says. Sami is taken aback by Lucas' public and opposite stance against her on this issue. Lucas tells Sami that he will not disown his son because of something like this, and parenting is not conditional. Sami says that he is right. Sami tells Will that he will have to start going to counseling with Fr. Francis and Marlena, and they will fix this. Will says that he doesn't want to be fixed! Sami tells him that this is against everything she was raised to believe and against the church, but Will fires back saying Sami has never thought about morals before. Sami then lashes out at Austin for keeping this secret from her and Lucas. But Will says that he couldn't have gotten through it without him. Lucas thanks Austin. Sami again is outraged at Lucas' opposite stance and yells at Lucas. Marlena, Carrie, and Caroline try to get Sami to calm down and see Will and Lucas' points of view. Sami refuses. Sami says that she refuses EVER to be ok with Will being gay!

- Abe and Lexie recount 13 plus years of memories together in Salem through a montage of flashbacks. Lexie is in tears like Abe has never seen her. The elevator is fixed and begins working. Abe allows Theo and Lexie to say goodbye to each other. After Lexie and Theo say their emotional goodbye to one another, Abe tells Lexie that he will let them know his address when they get settled in. Abe and Theo leave the elevator and the building....and Salem. Lexie breaks down, screaming.

- Sami storms off of the balcony. Lucas follows her and tells Will that he loves him, and they will get through this as a family and not to worry. Lucas hugs and kisses Will. Carrie, Austin, Marlena, and Caroline try to comfort Will, but he thanks them and asks if he can be left alone.

- Shawn and Jan see that the door to Belle's loft is open. They walk in and find the place trashed. They make their way around the loft and can't find Belle or Claire. Jan finally finds Claire in her crib. Shawn walks into the bathroom to find the graphic scene of Belle in the bathtub filled with her own blood. Shawn begins screaming and crying and pulls Belle from the tub, screaming for Jan to call 9-1-1. Shawn holds Belle close and rocks her back and forth.

LISTEN TO THE BLOG BONUS NOW!: Eric and Annie kiss passionately. Greta reads her telegram with shock. Austin and John gently kiss their mothers-to-be. But Annie and Kristen separately look on because they know what is coming. Abe packs up his things and Theo's things. They turn the lights off in their house and exit. Lexie smashes everything she can find at the Penthouse Grill and falls to the floor in tears. Sami is crying. Lucas comes up from behind her and hugs her. Will sits on the balcony and cries. Georgia and Cassie look on from inside the Penthouse Grille and, knowing he must be alone, fight the urge to comfort Will. Jan keeps Claire far from the bathroom where Shawn is holding a lifeless, naked, bloody Belle. The paramedics enter and rescucitate Belle and put her on a stretcher. Shawn is in tears like never before when Belle is wheeled out of the apartment. It is clear that Devastation has swept through Salem and left many victims in its wake!


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*akward silence*.......................................................................*jaw drops to floor*...............................................................WOAH!

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PERFECT Will scenes. I can def

see Sami freaking out like that.

I love how Jan was being so careful

with Claire, not wanting her to see Belle.

Good riddance to Belle if she's really dead. :lol:

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