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Episode #15 - Friday, December 30th:



Episode #15 - Friday, December 30th:

- Shawn and Mimi spend the night in Alice's and dance the night away. They share a romantice evening.

- Hope and Billie individually are tormented by Tony's secrets. They vow revenge on him.

- Abby and Max leave the party and head to the Penthouse Grille.

- Jennifer is pleasantly surprised when she sees the beautiful dinner that Frankie has planned at the Devereaux house.

- At the party, Carrie tells Austin that she wants to pursue a relationship with her, and he says the same.

- Carrie and Sami ask to speak with Victor out on the Penthouse Grille terrace and ask him how to go about ruining Nicole and removing her from Austin's life!

- Shawn tells Mimi how much he loves her and how much she has changed his life. Then, he shocks her when he proposes! Mimi accepts Shawn's proposal!

- Victor refuses to speak with Sami, but he tells them he'll speak with Carrie since he's always had a soft spot for her. A disgruntled Sami leaves them alone and is shocked to see Nicole and Austin sharing a slow dance inside!

- Frankie and Jen share a dance, but she tells him that she is not ready to move on yet. He says he understands and they continue their dance.

- Alex/Stefano drops Jack off at the Devereaux house with instructions...to await his orders, but in the meantime, to watch John, Roman, Bo, and Hope very closely! Jack refuses once again to help Stefano, but he tells him that it is too late and has been too late since he administered the cure to Jack. Stefano warns Jack that there is no way out now, and he must follow his instructions or Jack Jr. and Abby will pay the price with their lives!

- Shawn and Mimi are thrilled when one of Bonnie's workers shows up and lets them out in time to celebrate their engagedment before midnight so they head to the Penthouse Grille.

- Lexie arrives at the party and tells them that Shawn and Tony have both taken turns for the worse.

- Bonnie, Mimi, Abby, Max, Bo, Hope, John, Billie, Kate, Lucas, Caroline, Roman, and Shawn all wish death upon Tony in response to the news.

- Alex/Stefano walks into the Devereaux House and breaks up Jen and Frankie's evening. He tells them that he has a surprise that is going to change their lives forever.

- Kate begs Billie to tell her what is REALLY bothering her.

- Tek corners Lexie in the bathroom at the party and kisses her. Celeste spies it and interupts it.

- Carrie re-enters the party and tells Sami that Victor gave them a huge lead on how to rid themselves of Nicole!

- On the terrace, Kate hounds Billie until Billie confesses the awful secret Tony told her after the blast. Billie tells Kate that Tony told her that CHELSEA WAS NOT GEORGIA!

- Alex tells Jennifer that he has dedicated years to researching the disease that Jack was suffering from. He tells her how he has found a cure, and then he opens the door to reveal JACK!

- Celeste predicts murder at midnight!

- Bonnie, Mimi, Abby, Max, Bo, Hope, Billie, John, Kate, Lucas, Caroline, Roman, and Shawn all end up missing around midnight.

- The countdown begins and the clock strikes midnight.

- Belle and Phillip, Abe and Lexie are shocked when they are the only two couples left at the party. They ring in the New Year with a kiss.

- Austin and Carrie share a sweet peck on the lips as Sami looks on with envy and vows to make Austin hers.

- Jack runs to Jennifer and takes her into his arms as tears of joy stream down both of their faces. They ring in the New Year together with a passionate and romantic kiss! Alex/Stefano watches with an evil smile, as a stunned, yet happy Frankie, retreats to his apartment.

- Someone sneaks into Tony' s hospital room and pulls the plug on Tony! He flatlines.


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You killed Tony DiMera? Will the phoenix rise from the ashes like always? Or is this the final death for the count?

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Yeah I wonder If you really took

care of the count for real? Or,

perhaps, its Andre and not Tony?

There seems to be alot of murder

in fan fic lately :lol: . Good thing

all the deaths in my blog next week

are accidental :lol: .

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