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Episode #14 - Thursday, December 29th:



Episode #14 - Thursday, December 29th:

- It is New Year's Eve in Salem, and Victor decides to throw a party at the Penthouse Grille to try and get everyone's mind off of the grief and devastation.

- Phillip tells Belle that he wants to try and work out their problems. He loves her and Claire more than anything and understands that she still loves Shawn, given their long history.

- Sami and Carrie brainstorm how to get Nicole out of Austin's life.

- Belle talks to Lexie and learns that a therapist who specializes in couples therapy will be moving to Salem and is setting up a practice in town. Belle and Phillip discuss the possiblity of seeing him or her when she arrives.

- Kate vows to make sure Austin and Carrie end up together once again.

- Phillip and Belle plan to ring in the new year with Shawn and Mimi.

- Abby and Max attend his employee's party, and everyone mistakes them for a couple.

- Kate and Bonnie learn of their children's New Year's Eve plans and realize that Shawn and Belle will never get over each other if they keep spending time with each other.

- Jack continues to turn down Stefano/Alex's offer, but Stefano warns him that his children will pay the price if he doesn't live up to his offer. Jack tries to fight with Stefano, but he is too weak.

- Kate overhears Sami and Carrie talking about ousting Nicole from Austin's life. She encourages them in their efforts. She urges them to talk to Victor on how to do so.

- Kate and Bonnie scheme as Bonnie manipulates Shawn and Mimi into helping her at Alice's and locks them inside when she leaves.

- Shawn and Mimi realize the phones are dead, their cell phones are in the car, and the only way out is to break a window, but they decide against that since that is the last thing Bonnie needs right now. They decide to ring in the new year at Alice's!

- Phillip and Belle realize Shawn and Mimi must not be coming so they decide to go to Victor's party.

- Stefano gets Jack prepared to leave the Green Mountain Lodge and re-unite with Jennifer.

- Frankie refuses to believe Celeste's prediction that he'll find love with someone besides Jennifer so he plans to cook Jennifer a delicious meal and ring in the New Year with her.


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