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Episode #13 - Wednesday December 28th:



Episode #13 - Wednesday December 28th:

- Kate senses that something is bothering Billie besides Chelsea's death.

- Abby and Max grow closer than ever as they continue to recall Josh and Chelsea.

- Kate pushes Billie to open up to her.

- Stefano/Alex tells Jack that he is cured and free to re-unite with Jennifer and his children. However, Stefano informs Jack that he must act as his new pawn in Salem!

- Bo and Hope meet with Mickey who tells them that Glen and Barb did indeed have it in writing that the Brady's would raise J.T. in the case of their deaths.

- Sami reaches out to Lucas as his best friend and listens to his grief over losing his friend/date, Sophie.

- Bo continues to shut himself off from Hope as he mourns Chelsea.

- Max asks Abby to come with him to a New Year's Eve party of one of his employees so he doesn't have to go alone. She agrees.

- Jack refuses to help Stefano and declares that Stefano will have to kill him or lock him up again before he would ever betray his family and friends.

- Hope plans to break into the Dimera mansion to find proof to discount Tony's claim.

- Sami and Nicole get into a fight once again, and it's Carrie who comes to Sami's defense!

- Doug is given and clean bill of health and re-unites with Julie.

- Austin remains blind to Nicole's evils as Sami and Carrie try to get him to see her for what she is.

- Cassie states that if Rex or Roman ever found out her secret, they'd never forgive her.

- Austin reprimands Carrie and Sami for their treatment of Nicole.

- Shawn Sr. remains in terrible shape.

- Sami proposes to Carrie that they team up to rid themselves of Nicole Walker and remove her as a fixture in Austin's life. Carrie agrees!

- Hope breaks into the Dimera Mansion.

- Caroline remains vigil at Shawn Sr.'s side as Victor watches from afar.

- Stefano tells Jack that a deal is a deal, and if Jack does not carry through on his end of the bargain, then he will kill Abby and Jack Jr.!

- As the grief and pain begin to subside a bit, anger and hatred settle in as Bonnie, Mimi, Abby, Max, Bo, Hope, Billie, Kate, Lucas, Caroline, Roman, and Shawn all vow to take down Tony once and for all.


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