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Episode #16 - January 2, 2006



Episode #16 - January 2, 2006:

- Lexie and Abe are called to the hospital where Lexie is told that Tony has died. The nurse tells her that an autopsy has already been done, and that Tony was murdered by being taken off of his respirator!

- Austin and Carrie continue to kiss after the clock strikes twelve.

- Lucas once again tries to confess his love to Sami, but she tells him that everything with her grandfather and Austin/Carrie, she really needs a friend in him right now. And he agrees.

- Kate and Billie reel from the news that Chelsea was NOT Georgia. Billie calls in favors and has secret DNA tests done by the ISA - tests she knows the Dimera's cannot taint!

- At the hospital, Celeste warns Tek to stay away from her daughter, Alexandra!

- Kate and Billie mourn Chelsea, saying that despite the possibility that she was not their biological daughter/grand-daughter, they still loved her as if she was.

- Cassie eavesdrops on Shawn and Mimi and learns that they are engaged! Meanwhile, they decide to wait for a better time to spill the beans to everyone.

- As Frankie retreats to his apartment, Jack and Jennifer take part in Frankie's candelight dinner that he had planned for Jennifer.

- Abe reveals that even though Tony WAS a criminal, he was still a human being who was murdered, and an investigation WILL be launched!

- Cassie vows to ruin Shawn and Mimi's engagement!

- Abe gathers everyone at the hospital where he begins interviewing all of the Salemites.

- Carrie and Austin decide to call it a night and spend the day together the following day. Sami overhears and, she, later, tells Carrie that they need to find the person from Nicole's past the very next day, or they'll lose the opportunity forever!

- Jack and Jennifer retreat to the bedroom where they make love.

- The DNA tests come back and prove that Chelsea was indeed *NOT* Bo and Billie's daughter!

- Carrie cancels her date with Austin, and he is confused and hurt.

- After interviewing Salemites and eliminating suspects through their alibis, Abe gathers a final list of suspects - Shawn, Mimi, Bo, Hope, Billie, Bonnie, John, Roman, Caroline, Kate, Max, and Abby! They are all shocked to hear that they are on the suspect list. Celeste sees the suspects and predicts that one of them did indeed murder Tony Dimera!


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