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  1. That hair stylist needs to be fired!
  2. LOL!!!
  3. Dena's writing is just horrendous. There's not one compelling story on the show right now. I agree about the Theresa exit.
  4. LOL. Those scenes were smoking!
  5. This Lucas/Adrienne/Justin triangle is so stupid.
  6. After the writers decided to make Brady and Theresa a thing , that was scraped. lol
  7. I wonder how much longer will this show last?
  8. You're not kidding!
  9. Patti brought the house DOWN!! LOVED her tonight!
  10. Yeah, he owned this episode. The last scene was powerful.
  11. That's why her little over the top rant fell flat to me. She'll be back to screwing him in no time.
  12. That's EXCATLY what that was! Next, we'll be hearing Fitz can't leave Mellie because she wants to run for president. SMH. LOL, Scandal has really become a joke.
  13. LOL. If Olivia and Fitz aren't back in each other orbits in the next couple of episodes I'll be surprise. Shonda is going to continue this back and forth with them until this show ends.