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New OLTL Showfax scripts...


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New OLTL Showfax scripts up at SoapSites.net. You have to register to view them, but it is free and easy...

One for a Dr. Metanada whom Spencer knew in Thailand. This one has an ominous feel to it. Oh, and David overhears a message from him. (added 02/10/06)


The second one is of Ray, Sr approaching the McBain Bros while they're out and telling John that Ray, Jr was the junkie he killed. Says the junkie had a 12 year old son and that John destroyed his family. (added 02/10/06)


Natalie gets information from a shady character while deflecting questions about her relationship to John. (added 01/21/06)


Also, check out the new OLTL ABC MediaNet pics. are up... http://www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/searc...0&leftcol=links

For larger views, http://www.soapsites.net/forums/modules.ph...=view_album.php

Pics. include Todd, Paige, Viki, Adriana, Rex, Cristian, Natalie, John, Jessica, and Clint.

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