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Ted Casablanca Leaves E! Online

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No more Tales of Toothy Tile....

Thank You

Thu., Jul. 5, 2012 5:45 AM PDT by


The images are countless, breathtaking: Four editors-in-chief, 16 years online, piles of exclusives, plenty of gossip, invented languages, maddeningly fascinating celebrities (dead and alive) and most importantly—you. The reader.

We did this for two decades, folks! When The Awful Truth, which I founded at Premiere magazine 20 years ago, ends this week, it's not the deliciously decadent Blind Vices I will miss the most...

It's you barking types who always made me feel gloriously alive, with all you had to say and scream and be so real about.

That community is my life's (professional) work up until now. It has meant more to me than each of you will ever know.

But it really is time to move on.

If you don't agree, just keep in mind that when I first took this job at E!—in 1996, when the network founded E! Online—I was working at the established and respected Premiere magazine. Scores of people told me, "Online just isn't the place to go."

Everybody told me to pass on the job, and so I did. Then I called back the next day and an amazing man named Lew Harris said, yes, of course, I could change my mind. And I did.

So that's what I'd like my last words to be: Always do what you're not supposed to do.

And see you on Twitter @Ted_Casablanca.


OT: I am definitely tardy for the party because I just found out last year that he'd gotten his nom de plume from Valley of the Dolls.

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