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GH-'The Dream'

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Sam's involves Hawaii, bad guys and Jason to the rescue.

Monica dreams that Jason is a doctor who just became Chief of Staff and that Alan is alive.

(this will be the best!) IMO. biggrin.png

SB shares in SOW, “We do a whole thing from their perspective of what their fantasies are of how I wake up and who I am. In Monica's dream fantasy, I'm who she thinks she wants me to be, and it's the same thing for Carly, Samand Elizabeth. It's going to he so cool because I get to play basically four different characters, besides my own."

Burton says, "I pictured the way Jason Quartermaine would be. He's almost a combination of Jason Quarteraine and AJ."

Leslie Charleson speaks of her delight to see Burton reprise the role of Jason Quartermaine, who was on the fast track to becoming a doctor before a car crash at the end of 1995 changed his life path. "It was wonderful to see Steve have more words than me for the fist time since I've known him. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with him in that capacity. You couldn't get the smile off my face." biggrin.png

Charleson is also thrilled with Stuart Damon's wub.png re-appearance. "It brought back so many memories for us," LC smiles. "We got a glimmer of those days gone by, with all the fighting and all the craziness, which was such a gift ... You'll see that Jason's wearing a stethoscope in those scenes. Well, they first suggested a doctor's coat and they grabbed Stuart's old coat, but between Steve's shoulders and Stuart being taller, it didn't quite work out."

Liz and Jason fans will also get a glimpse of what might have been had Jason and Lz gotten together.

The fantasies do not lead everyone to a happy ending, as Jason takes a turn for the worse while Dr. Patrick Drake operates.

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I'm very much looking foward to these episodes. I just hope when Jason wakes up, he's changed in some way. It would be disapointing if he wakes up perfectly fine as Jason Morgan just going on with business as usual. Especially with all this hype surrounding it. but time will tell.

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