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Sept 1-5, 1997


1. Y&R 6.6/25

2. DAYS 6.3/22

3. B&B 4.8/17

4. AMC 4.5/15

5. GH 4.1/15

6. ATWT 4.0/15

7. GL 3.9/14

8. OLTL 3.4/13

9. AW 3.2/12

10. PC 2.3/9

11. SUBE 1.9/8


Sept 8-12, 1997


1. Y&R 6.8/27

2. DAYS 6.2/22

3. B&B 4.9/18

4. AMC 4.6/17

5. GH 4.3/16

6. ATWT 4.0/15

6. GL 4.0/15

8. OLTL 3.8/15

9. AW 3.0/12

10. PC 2.3/9

11. SUBE 1.9/8


Sept 15-19, 1997


1. Y&R 6.6/27

2. DAYS 5.7/21

3. B&B 4.7/18

4. GH 4.4/16

5. AMC 4.3/16

6. GL 4.0/15

7. ATWT 3.9/16

8. OLTL 3.7/15

9. AW 2.9/12

10. PC 2.1/8

11. SUBE 1.7/8


Sept 22-26, 1997


1. Y&R 7.0/28

2. DAYS 5.4/20

3. B&B 5.0/19

4. GH 4.6/17

5. AMC 4.5/17

6. ATWT 4.2/16

7. GL 4.0/15

8. OLTL 3.7/14

9. AW 2.8/11

10. PC 2.3/9

11. SUBE 1.6/7

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    • Well, it was fun why it lasted re: Kyle/Garcelle alliance. Now let us see what happens.   Brandi might be busy with the ALL STARS EX WIVES CLUB spinoff that Peacock is now interested in due to this season. Please register in order to view this content   People are already on Kyle's neck and was coming for her all day yesterday and yet Kyle stays not aplogizing. Meanwhile Ex Soap Opera Star is trying to blame her grief over Lois.    #meangirls was trending this morning in fact.   Black Twitter coming for them. Former fans of Kyle coming for her. Kathy is going to be coming for her.   Let's hope they do a hiatus a la Denise Season 10 to go over editing again.   
    • It really couldn't hurt to create someone new for a change, or reinvent a character we haven't seen in a long time. 
    • I can see that totally. I personally don't know Cady or Melissa. I mean, it's not like we share warm laughter and exchange chocolate truffles in the middle of a park, but their work ethic seems cool. I liked Cady's work on As The World Turns and I know homegirl can deliver. To my understanding from what I've read on here, Missy can pop up whenever she wants to come back? If I have at least 64% of that correct, I guess for me, if I were in that kind of position (not Cady), I'd be pissed. What am I? Second hand scraps? I just couldn't imagine myself being in a job position where I have "no allowance" to call something my own. Yeah, Missy was just on when Abigail was playing the role of Nancy Drew in an H&M dress. All of a sudden, Abigail gets sliced and BAM! Here's Cady! 
    • Oh, Rinna (or should I say her PR) is already starting the damage control (see below). No direct apology to Garcelle or the Dubai women, though. We'll see if Kyle issues some kind of apology in the coming days saying she didn't realize how bad the scene(S) came across.   Honestly, given how much I am enjoying the vibe in RHUGT2, I'd be ok with testing a Toxic Long-Legs, aka Brandi, return. Kim absolutely has to return, as does Camille. So if it's any of those three (Brandi, Kim, Camille) returning, then Bravo will want Kyle and Rinna (and Kathy?) to stay because of their ties to them. I mean Kim vs Rinna? No way Bravo is going to pass that up. I don't think either Bravo or the BH cast is it currently stands want LVP back, and they will do their utmost to make sure she stays cast out from the show. IA that Diana, Crystal, and maybe Dorit and Erika are in trouble. BTW shout-out to Crystal who instinctively went into Mama Mode, put her arm around Jax and steered him away from the coked-up one. 
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