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ATWT: Spoilers for Wk. of 2/15


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In my own words from Soapcentral....

Mick takes everyone hostage at the wedding. Alison tries to reach out to him, but his James persona is too strong. Casey learns Alison slept with Mick and is devastated. Alison finally persuades Mick to let everyone go and run away with her. Margo saves the day and prevents her son from getting shot by Mick. Mick gets hit by a car during his escape. Casey and Alison have a heart to heart, but the moment is ruined by a phone call about Mick's condition. Emily tells Paul she's no longer worried about having a baby with him; he is plenty enough and good enough for her. At the hospital, Paul arrives, intent on making Mick pay. Mick tells Paul to pull the plug, but he refuses. Later, Mick's heart stops beating, but he miraculously comes back to life when Alison kisses him.

Liberty's chemotheraphy doesn't seem to be working, and no one from the donors list is a match. Janet tells Jack that they should have a baby so that it can be a match for Liberty. Later, Jack and Carly make out. He warns her about going to work with Craig, but she reminds him to worry about his wife, not her. Carly's past leads a potential investor for Monte Carlo to back out, but Craig lies and says the deal is as good as done. Later, Carly finds out about Dusty & Janet's closeness from Teri, and then witnesses it for herself at Metro. Carly tells Molly that she plans on airing out Janet's dirty laundry to Jack.

Lily's odd suspicions about Damian lead Holden to question whether he killed Damian or not, and lead Molly to wonder if Lily didn't off her husband herself. Across town, Barbara's moved when Henry comes to her her defense.

Next week:

Luke gets bad news.

Lily & Molly help Holden.

Dusty has a surprise for Liberty.

Jack & Carly have a romantic interlude.

Paul gives the Stenbeck fortune to Henry.

Down the road:

Chris comes home.

Chris & Katie start spending time together.

Chris spills what he knows about Reid and it changes several lives.

Janet learns she's pregnant.

Bob & Kim prepare for their anniversary.

Liberty finds a surprising donor.

Damian makes a startling return.

Just as Henry & Barbara make themselves public, Vienna returns to Oakdale.

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