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1989 - Eterna Credits

Created By

Agnes Nixon

Executive Producer

Paul Rauch


Charlotte Weil

Directed By

Gary Bowen

Written By

S. Michael Schnessel

Craig Carlson

Ethel M. Brez

Mel Brez

Addie Walsh

Dorothy Ann Purser

Lloyd Gold

Norman Hart

Lanie Bertram

Associate Producers

Joe Hobel

Lisa S. Hesser

Eterna Location Scenes Directed By

Bill Glenn

Accosiate Directors

Andrea Giles Rich

Techinal Directors

Gary Donatelli

Lighting Director

Thomas Winberry

Scenic Designer

Barry Robison

Assitant Scenic Deisgners

Roger Mooney

Wing Lee

Scenic Artist

Robert Dell

Costume Deisgner

Taylor Kincaio Cheek

Assitant Costume Deisgner

Paul Gindhart


Ken Hoffman

Ed Garofalo

Michael Goldberg

Carla Nation Reid

Jack Kestenbaum

Tom Glazner

Sound Effects

James Oliver III

Camera Operators

Richard Westlein

Chris Mauro

Robert Bellairs

Frank Schiraldi

Roger Liggins

John Williams

Richard Schiaffo


Bob J. Shinn, SVO

RF Video

Howard Sornstein

Videotape Editor

Catherine Isabella

Eileen Clancy

Tom Miller

Steve Iori

Stage Managers

Hank Neimark

Michael Schear

Tamera Grady

Production Assistant

Frank Valentini

Post-Production Audio

Ashley Howe

Harry Varmark

Post-Production Sound Effects

Al James

Roy Carch

Makeup Artists

Renate Long

Paul Gebbia

Hair Stylists

Jay Harkins

Henri Chevrier

Operations Managers

Shirley Lentz

Paul Pollard

Production Coordinator

Alan Needleman

Music by

Score Productions


Michel Camilo

Music Director

Jonathan Rigg

Videotaped at

ABC Television Center

In New York

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