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Interview with Janet Iacobuzio

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She was way more laconic than Nancy Curlee but I post it here nonetheless. I hope you'll enjoy it.

CZ: You began working as a soap writer in the early 90s' on "All My Children". How did you arrive on soaps?

JI: I actually started on ANOTHER WORLD on NBC. It was a great show, I worked there for many years and count them as some of my favorite in the business.

CZ: You headwrote GH for a time in 1997. Was it a great experience? Would you try to headwrite another soap someday?

JI: Headwriting is an enormous amount of work, but I enjoyed it.

CZ: On OLTL, you are currently both breakdown writer and script writer. How does it work?

JI: Breakdowns are the outlines for each episode. The scripts are written from the breakdowns. On occasion, I do write scripts. They're very different processes and are both quite gratifying in extrememly opposite ways. Story vs. dialogue.

CZ: "Guiding Light" has just been cancelled. Do you think there is a future for daytime soap-operas?

JI: The cancellation of GL is very bad news forthe industry but this slow attrition has been going on for 20 years. I think it will continue to shrink some over the next few years but hopefully it won't go away completely.

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