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Holiday Plans


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We always gather at my house for Christmas Eve and exchange presents with our family/friends/whatever. Then on Christmas morning (since my niece was born in 03) we open gifts at the house and go to her house and give her the presnts we got her and then watcher her show us her presents from Santa Clause. Thsi eyar, however, they moved to an aprtment so my sister would have less of a commute to work and my niece could start a Christian daycare/pre-pre-school. So our plans for Christmas Day are still up in the air.

Then, on New Year's Eve, all the poeple we rodeo with gather with us at our hunting camp and we drink and dance and pop fireworks, and plus....with all those drunk cowbyos and cowgirls, there's gotta be some kinda drama!!

What are YOUR plans for the holidays?

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