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Well season 2 is coming to an end. This year's BB is by many worse than season 1. Many think this years houseguests are boring, inactive and just annoying. This year we also go many new houseguests that arrived later in the game, which was great for some (because the new HG were much more entertaining) and yet some just wanted the old crew back. But as the old HG got nominated along with new HG, everytime an old HG would be voted off by the viewers.

There is 7 left in the house (in total, this year there were 21 HG this year, which is seven more than last season). Out of those 7 left, only three are there from the beginning, other three have been there for more than a month and one of them came in just recently (two weeks ago).

This season we had a scheming Lana, that was everyone's favorite in the begining. She was loving and sweet and cute and really good looking, but then she started... well, scheming. When HG realized that, she was nominated and then voted out of the house.

We had Kristian, who was really into Lana at first (and they were really popular as a couple with the fans), but soon they broke all comunication. Later, Kristian moved on to Zeljka, but that ended when Kristian was voted out.

Many sex talk this year.

Kristina was one of the weirdest, yet beloved HG and many were sad to see her leave the house.

A girl-girl kiss happaned this year again between Kristina and Natasha in the begining of the show, and later on between two new girls, Daca and Zeljka.

Also, a couple that was really annoying people was Matea and Ivan, who were fighting one day, then making up the other day. Now they are not speaking to each other this week... :rolleyes:

Many more things happaned, but yet somehow this wasn't such a good year for BB fans, as they hope season 3 (if it happens) will be better!

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