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Michael Logan's Rant on SOAPnet

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Soapnet was a great station until Frons took over. I loved Soap Talk, and Soapography... plus the reruns of old soaps, and the repeats of the current ones.

I'd have definately watched classic reruns of current soaps.

What's on now is just trash, and I only tune in for a current soap I missed... and now I can barely find that. What a mess that network has become.

Madison Avenue needs to catch up with the times. It's the boomers who have the money. Plus, all the soap gimmciks to capture that demo have failed miserably, because they lost not only their core viewers but the youngers who tagged along with the older core. Now a whole network will follow the failing model? Go figure.

I thought Soapnet started quite well, and has only been failing recently. There was talk of a soapnet 2, wasn't there? Or was this all incorrect?
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