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Days: Does Marlena Play Favorites?

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Oh geez...why do people constantly say that Marlena treated Sami badly? Have you guys really been watching Days since Sami came in 93 when she was 16? I remember all those mother daughter scenes like it was yesterday. When Sami first came from Colorado, she and Marlena had a close relationship. Yes everything went downhill when Sami saw John and Marlena have an affair but Marlena has always done her best to reach out to Sami and let her know that she was loved and begged for her forgiveness. Sami had a lot of anger issues towards her mother, constantly disrespected her, call her a slut,whore, bitch, tried to turn Roman against her, tried to kick Marlena out of her own house, kidnapped her own sister and tried to sell her, didn't give a rats ass about her mom when she was kidnapped upteen times, hardly spoke to Marlena because she was obsessed with Austin, yet Marlena still tried to reach out to her and tried to be a mother. The fact of the matter is that Sami pushed Marlena away and made it very clear that she was hated. Marlena moved out when Sami was 16 because Roman threw her out when he found out about the affair. Marlena would try to visit her and start a relationship with her, tried to get her counselling and nothing worked. Then Sami became an adult 2years later and there was nothing else Marlena could do because Sami cut her off completely. And even after all that Marlena stood by her when she was going to get executed for Franco's murder. Have you forgotten the scenes between Sami and Marlena when Marlena sung to Sami in the prison cell? Have you forgotten how Marlena went to her worst enemy Stefano for help in order to save Sami? Have you forgotten how Marlena stood by Sami during all her failed weddings? If you ask me, Marlena wasa great mother. Sami was a bad daughter!! With all that said, what was Marlena to do but just try again with Belle? The difference with Sami and Belle is that Belle allowed her mother to be a mother. Belle was more receptive of Marlena and didn't have all the anger issues that Sami did which makes for a better relationship. I wish people would stop saying Marlena was a bad mother to Sami. I watched and rewatched (thanks to youtube) scenes between Marlena and Sami that proved otherwise. Sami is freaking practically supposed to be 30something now. She doesn't need to be as dependent on Marlena anymore. Belle is the younger daughter who is frankly at the point more fragile than Sami. Belle needs her mom more. Its not playing favorites, its meeting the needs of the person who needs more!

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