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Daily Spoilers For 10/29-11/2

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Monday, October 29

Lucas refuses to give Sami a divorce; E.J. finds Kate looking at her newborn grandchildren in the hospital nursery; when Nick gets a phone call from Chelsea, who is being held hostage, a man tells him to meet at an abandoned building.

Tuesday, October 30

Nick and Chelsea find themselves trapped in a room with a bomb; Max notes Ford's aggressive behavior with the sorority girls; emotional Stephanie appears at Steve and Kayla's place in the middle of the night; Steve arranges for Adrienne to hire Stephanie.

Wednesday, October 31

Kate watches as E.J. shoots a round of bullets into her car; Sami wants to leave for Santo Domingo; Belle confesses that she slept with Philip; Bo and Hope comfort grieving Marlena, who wants them to find John's killer and stop Sami from marrying E.J.

Thursday, November 1

Sami and Lucas arrive in Santo Domingo for a "quickie" divorce; Kate pulls strings to see the twins' DNA-test results; Ford hits on women at the sorority's Halloween party; Cordy makes a confession; Morgan gives Ford a ride home.

Friday, November 2

Lucas fears a wedge will be driven between siblings; Kate learns that Stefano plans on taking the boy to Italy with him; Bo arranges for Kayla's suite to be quarantined; Chelsea tries to find out where Ford lives; Cordy makes a public accusation.


Heres my theory on that, i think Dr Rebert is coming back 4 revenge against Nick and Chelsea. Come on a mysteries Person, kidnaps Chelsea and takes her hostage and tells her to call Nick, that is mighty strange. Who wants nick and chelsea then, the only person i could think of is dr rebert and he is back for revenge.

I also think Ford Decker is going to be involved somehow, what if he is the son of Dr Rebert or Stefano. Good twist

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