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April 1990

Created By

Frand and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Joseph Hardy

Directed By

Alan Pultz

Written By

Gene Palumbo

Maralyn Thoma

S.E. Miller

Cynthia F. Jervey

Raymond Scott

Meg Bennett

John Aleong

Michael Kravitz

Delories Hines

Doris Silverton

Coordinating Producer

Bob Bardo

Associate Producer

Marty Vagts

Accosiate Directors

Ron Cates

Carol Scott

Casting Director

Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Art Director

Mercer B. Barrows

Special Writers Consultants

Anne Howard Bailey

Charles Pratt, JR.

Original Music By

The Bahler Brothers

Music Directors

R.C. Cates

Paul F. Antonelli

Theme Music By

Jack Urbont

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