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GL PreVUE: June 11 Edition

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Griggs isn’t pleased when Mallet refuses his new assignment. Griggs sets his sights on Dinah. Remy offers to help Natalia in regards to Rafe. Natalia thinks that she has a chance with Gus, now that he knows the truth about Rafe. Gus visits Rafe and the two get into an altercation. Alan helps get Gus to Rafe’s hearing on time. After seeing Marina and Cyrus in close quarters, Frank and Alex team up to keep an eye on the two of them. Jeffrey has a few questions for Reva about her and Lizzie’s whereabouts. An old friend of Jeffrey’s pays him a visit and is introduced to Marina. Ava’s plans for a family Father’s Day with Olivia and Jeffrey are ruined by Liv’s antics. Cassie voices her doubts about the wedding to Billy. Rafe fails to look at a set of pictures Harley gives him; some of which features Daisy.

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