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AMC: SOD May Sweeps

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"I think the audience is really going to enjoy it," enthuses Executive Producer Julie Hannan Carruthers of what's in store for the good people of Pine Valley.

Baby Jenny: "The first couple of weeks of sweeps is the journey to get baby Jenny back. Krystal has to deal with the fact that Adam is responsible for taking her child from her, and Adam has to deal with the fact that he incorporated Janet into a plan that has gone awry. [The story] involves Tad, Krystal, Adam, Babe, JR and Jamie, Aidan, and particularly Colby.

Greenlee/Ryan/Annie: "We are building to the wedding [of Ryan and Annie] in May. When [Greenlee] does find out about the wedding and what she does about the wedding is all apart of May sweeps."

Kendall/Zach/Hannah: "Kendall's pregnancy is continuing, and obviously, it plays a big role in the whole Greenlee return, as well as the Hannah and Zach story. Hannah has an agenda. Through May, we're going to find out a little more about what she's capable of, what she wants and how she plans to get it. Josh becomes a very key player in the Cambias story, as well."

Jack/Erica: "Jack and Erica are going to live through the media frenzy of Erica Kane's 10th divorce. it's a wonderful, fun, romantic comedy and I think it's going to bring out the best in Erica and Jack, the best of their mythology, with a lot of unexpected antics."

Babe/JR: "As much as JR pulls at her heartstrings, she's trying to find her own footing without a man. how long will that last?"

Ava/Jonathan: "Jonathan is going to find himself oddly attracted to Ava. As Ava continues to get into trouble, Lily will protect her. Sean, Aidan, and Di are involved."

Amanda: ""We're going to see a more take charge Amanda. There's a surprise coming in her [romantic] direction."

Kathy/Kate: "Kathy's living happily with Julia. When the time is right, the reveal of kate will happen. But I think that's going to play for a long time to come."

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WOW! AMC sounds good going into the sweeps. Thank god theres no Josh mentioned. YES! YAY! Erica and Jack! Hope they are back together. the Baby Jenny/ Adam/ Krystal/ Janet sounds really good. I also hope that babe and Jr get back together! :)

Sounds good!

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