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FULL HOUSE: Not the sitcom -- the SOAP OPERA

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See for yourself, this Asian soap:


Has anyone heard of this? It's so intriguing! For some reason this rich man married this young woman who just cleans for him and cooks for him (and not too well). They're NOT in love. He's in love with a woman in the fashion industry. The wife knows. Yet she strives to get his attention by cooking (poorly) and cleaning.

Lately, though, his BEST FRIEND has the hots for his wife. And she's likin' him too... and it's making the HUSBAND JEALOUS@!@! Oh, this is incredible! The production values, the script -- it's all too hot and intriguing! And it has those great freeze frames and music (a la old "days of our lives") for the ending!!!

SOMEONE, PLEASE, HELP!!! Tell me if you knew about this incredible drama!

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I will not REST until somebody comments in this thread. Because others must know about how great this Asian soap -- subtitled so you WILL understand what's going on -- is. It's FUNNY too!!! It's better than anything on American soaps right now. Hands down.

Watch it for crying out loud! The person posted SEVERAL episodes from the series so it's not like you'll be spoiled and not have more to whet your appetite. Just do it. I PROMISE you'll not regret it.


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