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December 28, 2006

Executive Producer

Ken Corday

Co-Executive Producer

Stephen Wyman

Supervising Producer

Roy B. Steinberg

Directed By

Jim Baffico

Written By

Hogan Sheffer

Meg Kelly

Beth Milstein

Peter Brash

Hannah Shearer

Frederick Johnson

Gordon Rayfield

Jeanne Marie Ford

Sofia Landon Geier

Bruce Neckles

Michael Slade

Susan Kirshenbaum

Mike Cohen


Jodie Scholz

Senior Coordinating Producers

Janet Spellman-Rider

Tom Walker

Theme by

Charles Albertine

Tommy Boyce

Bobby Hart

Music Composed by

Ken Corday

D. Brent Nelson

Music Directors

Amy Evans

Steve Reinhardt

Production Designer

Dan Olexiewicz

Associate Directors

Julie Brady

Joseph H. Lumer

Production Associates

Denise White Serrette

Tonya Van Horn Peat

Michael Fiamingo

Krista Cremidan

Production Manager

Elaine Withrow

Property Master

Mary M. McGrath-Cares

Special Effects

Pete Trzepacz

Art Director

Tom Early

Assistant Art Directors

Jennifer Breuklander

Lance Zeck

Danielle Mullen

Assistants to the Producers

Terry Ann Holst

Terie Wohlford

Production Finance

Cynthia Aamoth

Terri Lynn Doubet

Jeff Voorhees

Writer's Assistant

Joe R. Stemmer

Cydney Kelley


Klear P.R.

Web Producer

Allison Wait

Stage Managers

Francesca Bellini DeSimone

Joesph H. Lumer

Stuart W. Howard

Casting by

Fran F. Bascom, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director

Linda Poindexter

Costume Designer

Richard Bloore


George Cooper

Sharon Nichols

Makeup Artists

Gail Hopkins

Nina Wells

Gail Brubaker

Deidre Decker


Garry Allyn

Margaret Puga

Technical Directors

J.C. O'Neill

Mike Caruso

Lighting Directors

Ted Polmanski

Mark Levin

Art Busch


David Cone

Boom Operators

Harry Young

John Woods Jr.

Jacqueline Frazier


John Sizemore

Michael Mecartea

Mike Caruso

Bill Scott

Post Production Supervisor

Jennifer Whittaker


D. Mason Dickson

Lugh Powers

David Mawhinney

Schooner Darrow

Post Production Audio

Zoli Osaze C.A.S.

Assisant Editor

Christopher Lewis

Senior Video

Brian Jorgensen

Electronic Maintenance

Ron Hanff

Digital Systems Maintenance

Michael Vick

Chris Robertson

Video Tape Operator

Ken Williamson

Executive in Charge of Production

Greg Meng

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