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I am Kanye West, Frons is Bush

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Check this out, I'm Kanye, Frons' is you know who(About ABC Daytime) Jay-"I dont like the way he portrays us in the media, if you see an AMC or GH Fan, they are amazing, if you see an OLTL fan, they are blahh, you know he doesnt care about us, because all of us are OLTL fans, and even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from SoapNet and Frons Interviews because they're to hard to watch...I've even been shopping before, seeing the GH propping on magazines, so I called SOD and asked if I could make a donation for OLTL to grace the cover, Just to imagine, If I was an ignored OLTL actor, anyone who wants to do something that we can help,because we know how ABC daytime is. The OLTL fans, be strong, CHERI is doing everything they possibly can, a lot of the people that could help are, everyone is fighting a different way to help. Agnes Nixon is giving them permission to come and and and Ignore us"

Valentini- there are ways for others to help, by being quiet and waiting for Frons to fix it. he has a plan for all of the soaps and he will make it right.


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