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OLTL: 2 new Showfax Scripts

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There are two new scripts up at Showfax.com for OLTL. They are Mr. Grey and Mrs. Bromley. These are dayplayer roles and are connected with Todd's "dead" son with Margaret.

Apparently (not 100% sure on all this though), Mr. Grey runs an adoption agency in Chicago and Mrs. Bromley is his assistant. Todd and Blair go there to try and uncover information on what Spencer did with the baby.

Here is what they have said about it on the 'Between Heaven & Hell' voy board: http://www.voy.com/192617/94472.html

I know for a fact that these two roles are listed at Showfax.com, but can anyone verify that the details are correct. I don't exactly trust that board, so I just wanted to make sure what they are saying about the roles is correct.

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