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DAYS: Consolidated Spoilers: February 26 - March 9

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February 26 – March 2


Shawn leaves an encoded message on the raft for Bo.

Philip believes Belle, Shawn and Claire are dead but Bo finds a clue that says otherwise.

Philip and Willow return to town, and Philip kicks Willow out of his car, saying their deal is over.

Shawn and Belle make tentative moves toward each other. Shawn insists all he got from Willow was sex, and his feelings for Belle are genuine.

Willow learns from Hope that Shawn is still alive and reports the news to someone.

Belle and Shawn grow closer while trapped on a deserted island

Shawn collects fruits and berries on the island and attempts to make a net to catch fish.

Shawn tries to kiss Belle.

Shawn has collected fruits and berries for him, Belle and Claire to eat, but Belle is afraid they might be poisonous.

Shawn tests a fruit and throws up.

Then he eats berries that seem safe.

He tells Belle he’s going to make a net and try to catch fish.

They have a tender moment when Belle says she thinks they’re going to be okay, which Shawn ruins by kissing her.

She orders him out of the shelter and tells him to stay away from her.

Shawn and Belle have an argument.

Shawn tells Belle they are destined to be together and Belle begins to soften.

Hope told Willow that Shawn is still alive.

Shawn tries to convince Belle to let him back in the lean-to they built, but she’s still upset with him.

Belle says that some girls, like Willow, might be easy, but Belle isn’t!

Shawn insists Willow never meant anything to him.

It was just sex.

His feelings for Belle are deep and genuine.

Shawn threatens to strip down to nothing if she doesn’t let him back in the lean-to. They goof off, and she ultimately welcomes him in out of the rain.

Shawn makes her promise that if she ever starts to have doubts about them, they need to be honest with each other.


EJ wants to tell Lucas the truth about Sami's baby

EJ threatens to tell Lucas that the baby Sami is carrying could be his.

Sami convinces EJ to keep the baby's possible paternity a secret.

EJ cons Sami into helping him again.

Lucas finds Sami at E.J.'s apartment

Lucas finds Sami over at EJ’s apartment.

Sami scrambles to cover.

Angry Lucas says EJ has been lying to them.

He agreed to move out, but he hasn’t so much as packed a box.

EJ swears he’s working with a real estate agent and that he’s choosy, that’s all. Lucas gives EJ a lesson in packing up.

Finally, EJ agrees to redouble his efforts to find a new place.

When Sami and Lucas exit, Sami kisses Lucas deeply.

She’s grateful that he trusts her.

Sami and Lucas go off to make love, as devious EJ watches from his doorway.

He makes a one-way call and checks on Stefano’s condition.


Abby and Jed have a date at Chez Rouge.

Abby learns something about her new date.

Abby learns Jed is Willow's brother.

After Abby confides in Jed telling him Willow was a prostitute, Jed admits that Willow is his sister.

Max confesses he is tired of being there for needy Mimi.

Max confesses to Abby that he’s getting tired of “being there” for needy Mimi. But when Mimi calls him he goes to her.

Jed has come in to pick up his car and is surprised to find Abby working on it.

She realizes he didn’t lie at the java café when he said he was having car trouble, but he admits he was hitting on her to impress his baseball teammates.

He would like to go out with her, just for coffee.

Abby says she’s kind of involved with someone and turns him down, but when Max goes to Mimi, she changes her mind and leaves with Jed.

Abby and Jed have a casual date at Chez Rouge.

Abby admits she’s still interested in another guy (Max), but he’s involved with someone else.

Willow arrives.

Abby confides that Willow used to work here, but she was fired.

She’s an ex-prostitute. Jed is shocked and upset: that’s his sister!

Abby feels terrible.


Mimi finds out she is the one who killed her father, to save Bonnie's life.

Bonnie plans to confess to keep Mimi out of jail.

Bonnie is willing to pay for Mimi's crime

Taking the blame for Mimi murdering her husband, Bonnie told Mimi to leave town and take care of Connor while Bonnie went to prison.

Bonnie wants Mimi to look after Connor in Arizona

Mimi leaves town after she finds out the blood from her father’s ring is hers.

Max meets up with Mimi.

Nick arrives with results from the DNA test on David Lockhart’s gold ring.

Traces of blood were found on the ring: it was Mimi’s.

Bonnie comes home (out on bail).

Finally, Bonnie has to tell Mimi the truth.

The night he was killed, David beat Bonnie… Mimi came in and tried to break it up. David hit Mimi (that’s how the blood got on his ring), and then he proceeded to strangle Bonnie.

Mimi took the fireplace poker and hit her father over the head, killing him.

Mimi is apoplectic: she killed her father?! (she blocked out the memory.)

Bonnie says she’ll take the rap for the crime.

She doesn’t want Mimi to go to jail.

Now Bonnie has to do the time.

But she wants Mimi to get out of town… go to Arizona to look after Connor.

Bonnie begs Mimi to go.

Max says he thinks it’s best.

Mimi is at a low point, as she agrees to leave Salem.


Steve convinces Kayla to "help" John, and she is horrified to learn she must remove his kidney.

Kayla is forced to remove one of John’s organs.

Steve demands that Kayla help him flee Salem

Kayla refuses to help Steve flee.

Two cops stop Steve.

Steve knocks Bo to the floor after breaking free from a restraint.

Bo tells Kayla that Steve is being sent to a hospital for the insane.

Steve shows up at Kayla’s place saying he needs money to get out of town Kayla refuses to help him flee.

He has to get away from Kayla and their family, before he hurts anyone else.

Before Steve can take off, two cops are there to stop him. Steve feels betrayed.

Kayla is horrified when Bo tells her Steve is being sent to a state hospital for the criminally insane.

Steve breaks free from the cop who’s been restraining him, and knocks Bo to the floor.

Later, after Steve’s been restrained yet again, he lashes out at Bo and Kayla, saying he wants them out of his life for good.


Dr. Rebert is fired after assaulting Chelsea.

Chelsea shares a kiss with Nick.

Chelsea confronts Dr. Rebert and tells his supervisor, Dr. Wang, that he assaulted her.

When Nick backs her up, Rebert tells Wang Nick is lying as well, to score points with her.

Nick shows them a photo he took with his cell phone of Rebert all over Chelsea in his car. Rebert resigns.

There is a moment of sexual tension between them. She offers to make him dinner, and they are clearly in a new place.


Bo and his team search John's hospital room for clues to his disappearance.

Kayla learns she must remove John's kidney


Bo and his team search John's hospital room for clues to his disappearance.

Bo finds an encoded message on the raft from Shawn.

Hope hears Jed and Willow arguing at the YWCA.

Hope gives Willow the name of an ob-gyn

Hope tells Willow that there was a secret message on Shawn's raft

Steve knocks Bo to the floor after breaking free from a restraint.

Bo tells Kayla that Steve is being sent to a hospital for the insane.

At the YWCA, Hope overhears Willow and Jed arguing.

Hope gives Willow the name of an OB-GYN.

If Willow sees the doctor, she and Bo will pick up the bill.

Hope offers Willow some money to get a better place to stay, but Willow darkens.

What she really wants is to move in with Bo and Hope.

Hope is sorry, but she doesn’t trust Willow.

Hope clues Willow in on the fact that there was a secret message on Shawn’s raft that washed up.

He’s still alive.

Willow makes a one-way phone call and says Shawn is still alive.

March 5- 9


EJ overhears Sami confessing to God that the baby could be his.

He demands she be tested right away.

Sami's ready to tell Lucas everything when Celeste shows up and warns Sami EJ is after her baby and she must kill him.

Celeste warns Sami that the only way to stop EJ is to kill him.

Sami asks Lucas to invite his mom to the wedding

EJ orders Sami to have tests run on her unborn baby.

Kate agrees to come to the wedding but remains distrustful of Sami.

Sami refuses to confess.


EJ asks Willow to commit a crime.

Willow asks EJ for a job

EJ and Billie lock lips.


With Claire suffering from blood poisoning, Shawn and Belle build a raft and set sail, a storm close at hand.

Belle panics when she discovers Claire has blood poisoning

Belle and Shawn rush off the island to tend to Claire.


At the mental facility, Steve steals a cell phone to call EJ and demand he get him out of there.


After Nick and Chelsea kiss, he's about to tell her about Billie when Billie bursts in and blurts it all, leaving Chelsea devastated.

Nick and Chelsea end up in an embrace during a tutoring session

A wary Abby warns Nick not to spill the beans about his fling with Billie.


A drunken Jed makes a pass at Abby.

Maggie has a warning for Abby.

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