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i need some help...


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so i decided it would be smart to move to montana with my good friends.

well MISTAKE!!! lol. anyways...

we ahsve a lease that isnt up til March 31'st... however i want to end it early. i know u have to pay whats left of the lease, but it would be worth it so i dont have to live with them anymore. now i know i could just take my name off and let them stay, but my parents co-sighned and they would need to be taken off as well.

anyways, what im asking is.... does anyone know if its possable to break a lease even if the other roomates dont want to?

now i know im gonna have to go down there and talk to the lease people tommarow morning, but im stressing hardcore on it right now. so anything? anyone?

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I used to work in a property management office, so I'll try to give you some advice... Just remember, the laws are different depending on where you live and the agency you rent from can have their own specific rules...

It is possible (at least in Manitoba, where I am from) to have your name removed from a lease. You will probably have to, unfortunately, waive your rights to your part of the damage deposit. I highly recommend in addition to going to speak to someone in person, that you have your request made in writing, stating that you are waiving your damage deposit (it is ALWAYS good to leave a paper trail - make sure you photocopy your copy of your letter, with a signature from the property management office so that if they screw up, and your current roomates owe money in the future, you cannot be held responsible).

Provided that your parents agreed to only cosign for you, they would be taken off as well as they are only responsible for your debt. However, if your parents cosigned for all of your friends, they would not be removed from the lease UNLESS your current roomates could provide a comparable new cosigner. There may or may not be an administration fee for this.

It is possible though, that they may not allow you to break your lease. If it is the case that they honestly believe in good faith that your present roomates will not be able to maintain the rent without your income, they do not have to remove your name from the lease. It is unfortunate, but you did sign a legal contract to rent their space, and they do not have to remove you from it. Most property management companies though will try to help you. However, you stated that your lease is up March 31st. Many companies will not allow any changes to the lease within the last 3 or 4 months of a lease period. This is dependent on the company and whether or not a renewal of tenancy is to be signed. If your friends do plan on renewing the lease, the company will be more likely to help you in your request.

I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask or even PM me!

I really hope this all works out for you!

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well i got it taken care of. because one roomie already left, and now with me, thats 50% of the lease and they just ax the lease early from there. they even waived all fees and the fallowing rent for whats left on the lease cuz they felt sorry for me (and yes, i got it in wiriting). so my roomies all have til the 28th to get out. and i have til the 7th, cuz i rock it like that.

but thanx for ur advice.

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