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Y&R Spoilers....Tibits abut Neil, Nick, Michael and Phyllis

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During the week of February 26th Nick and Michael will get into it....

I wonder if Nick finds out about just how involved Michael was regarding Sheila

Also during that week, Carmen comes face to face with someone...it ain't Dru this time....it's NEIL

Okay, what's up with that? For weeks, Dru has been telling Neil that Carmen was alive and she could see her, he said it was all in her head, now, Miss Mesta comes to the light and comes face-to-face with Neil? Aw Hella Naw

Phyllis and Nick find themselves facing some difficult times that will put a strain on their relationship

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I agree, Kenny...there is absolutely no continuity what-so-ever on Y&R...

From the other spoilers, it says that the Carmen Messy Mesta Murder is connected to the reliquary...I get that...but is it even a murder when Neil's butt is going to be face-to-face with the little witch? Also, are they going to ruin the character of Neil even further by suddenly and possibly never having Carmen dead to begin with?

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A few more spoilers for week of Feb. 26th:

Thanks to 2boys2pups at GCN

Nick lashes out at Victor and Michael.

Dru is commited to a mental hospital.

Carmen reappears to Neil.

Nikki and Victor cut a secret deal with David Chow.

Lauren and Michael confess all about Sheila to Nick and Phyllis.


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