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Last Episode - January 15, 1993

Executive Producer: Paul Rauch

Supervising Producer: Steven Kent

Producer: Lisa S. Hesser

Associate Producers: Debbie Bachtell, Daniel McCaffrey

Coordinating Producers: Eric Preven, Kevin Hamburger

Written By:

Pamela K. Long

Michele Val Jean

Thom Racina

Christopher Dunn

Meg Bennett

Pete T. Rich

Bruce Neckles

N. Gail Lawrence

Bettina F. Bradbury

Directed by: Pamela G. Fryman, Anthony Morina, Bill Glenn, Peter Brinckerhoff, Rick Bennewitz

Associate Directors: Grant A. Johnson, Jolie Lynn Barnett

Music Composed by: Dominic Messinger

Music Supervisors: Rick Rhodes, Jonathan Firstenberg

Stage Managers: Andrew Lee, Bruce Cook

Production Assistants: Christopher Mullen, Diana Horn

Production Designer: George Becket

Art Director: Richard Harvey

Assistant Art Directors: Melody Boyd Harrop, Cherie Bailey, Alex Fuller

Prop Stage Crew: Steve Bemiller, Mark McCloud, Pamela Masters, Sid Shapiro, Charlie Vidmar, Donald MacReynold, Frank Othello, Larry Stoliker, Paul Strahs, Carl Peterson, Frank Rose, Robert Hayne, George Krumpelman, Danny Masoero, Sandy Rose, Corri Levelle, Bob Holdsworth, Art Painter, John De Fillipo, Larry Carter, Randy Pitkin, Jimmy Cotton

Technical Directors: Antoon Koper, Skip Hornbrook, Rick Lombardo

Audio Mixer: Hector Sarabia

Boom Operators: Jackie Frazier, Peter Ixquies

Music Engineer: Harry Young

Sound Effects: David Amaral

Audio Utility: Bill Hill

Camera Operators: Harold Weatherly, Dean Cosanella, Mike Mecartea

Camera Utility: Mike Gitzen, Steve Ryen

Video: Brian Jorgensen

Maintenance: Chuck Klein

Lightning Directors: Ted Polmanski, Brian McRae

Electric: Mark Torromeo, Joe Conley, Gary Barlow, Jeff McCloud

Costume Designer: Dianna Eden, Wardrobe: Teena Huesser, Craig Aspen, Pamela Manning, Rick Boote

Make-up: Dawn Marando, Nancy Schuch, Tania Kahale, Marty Scribner

Hairstyling: Sandy Bailey, Valerie Scott

Videotape Editors: Shel Sandman, Schooner Darrow

Edit Assist: Bruce Brinkerhoff

NBC Production Manager: Joe Nacey

NBC Production Coordinator: Jeri Fowler

Prop Inventory Supervisor: Jeff Vorhees

Casting: Jan Powell, Pam Polifroni

Office Adminstrator: Linda Telles Demeduk

Production Accountant: Michelle Guillory

Press/PR Coordinator: Mary Brotsis Andersen

Production Coordinator: Robert Powers

Office Assistants: Melissa McDowell, Jonathan F. Fisherman

Executive Assistant to Paul Rauch: Gary Tyler

Writers’ Associate: Cathern Chacon Sjolund

Writers’ Aide: Robert Chatlin

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