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April 16, 2001

Created by

Frank & Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Directed by

William Ludel

Written by

Michele Val Jean

Elizabeth Korte

Mary Ryan

Garin Wolf

David Rupel

Dana Herko

Michelle Patrick


James Fryman


Mary O'Leary


Carol Scott


Lisa Levenson

Coordinating Producer

Marty Vaghts

Associate Producer

Deborah A. Genovese


GH December 2001 - Courtesy of Soapzone

Created by

Frank and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps


Joseph Behar

William Ludel

Mary Madeiras

David Forsyth

Owen Renfroe

Shelley Curtis

Head Writer

Megan McTavish


Michael Conforti

Elizabeth Korte

Garin Wolfe

Michelle Patrick

Victor Miller

Susan Wald

Mary Sue Price

Shelly Moore

Lewis Arlt

James Fryman


Mary O'Leary

Carol Scott

Mercer Barrows

Associate Producer

Deborah A. Genovese

Associate Directors

Ron Cates

Christine R. Magarian

Casting Director

Mark Teschner, C.S.A.

Associate Casting Director

Gwen Hillier

Production Designer

Chip Dox

Art Director

Daniel Proett

Assistant Art Directors

Kara E. Conrad

Wade Battley

Jennifer Elliot

Stage Managers

Craig McManus

Kathy Ladd

Susan Neigher

Michelle Azenzer

Production Associates

Penny Pengra

Denise Van Cleave

Script Continuity

Johnnie Raines

Production Continuity

Michelle Murray

Assistant to the Executive Producer

N'Neka Garland

Production Coordinators

Dale Pulliam, Christine Cooper

Casting Assistants

Briana Kish

Kate O'Donnell

Media Relations

Michelle Gross

Publicity Coordinator

Yvonne Graham

Writers' Assistant

Nathan Fissell


Mark Scherzer

Production Manager

Bob Piatak

Assistant Production Manager

Vicki Davis

Manager of Technical Operations

Sue Arrington

Technical Managers

Randy Hooper, Phil Angerhofer

Script Coordinators

Heidi Ploen

Jim Reiztel

Michael Cinquemani

Property Masters

Robert K. Markham

Ron Seuffert

Head Electricians

Ray Morales

John Pokorski

Head Grips

Ray Bowman

Lee Fleming

Technical Directors

John Cochran

Jim Ralston

Michael Joseph

Lighting Directors

Mark Buxbaum

Roger Dalton

Tom Markle


Elyse Pacora

Sound Effects

Sandy Masone

Senior Video

Charles Barrett


Dale Carlson

Harlie Outler

Dale Walsh

Craig Camou

Boom Operators

Fred Fryrear

Paulette Jacobs

Sylvia Almstead

Head Utility

Stanley Magnone

Costume Designer

Lori Ann Robinson

Assistant Costume Designers

Alice Volonino

Alex Bates

Costume Supervisor

Lenny Marcus

Phil Wayne


Crystal K. Craft

Michele Jaffe

Nina Granovsky

Julianna Bolles Morrison

Barbara Dunn

Aiko Beall

Tsuyako Nishi

Costume Designer

Lori Ann Robinson


Donna Messina Armogida

Cyndilee Rice

Wendy Holz-Pennington

Georgia Grado Berona

Hair Stylists

Kimber Lee Anderson

Michael Anton Prockiw

Post Production Editors

Fritz Curtis

Peter Filmore

David Gonzalez

Brian D. Rosner

Donald Smith

Video Tape Recording

Arthur Hudson

Daniel Viveros

Electronic Maintenance

Don Trafton

Glenn Wolfe

Business Manager

Hilda Recio


Jim Krieger


Gregory Roykhman

Debbie Lewis

Original Music by

Marty Davich

Dominic Messenger

Music Directors

R.C. Cates

Doug LeBow

Theme Music

"Faces of the Heart" by

Dave Koz

Jeff Koz

Jack Urbont

Performed by

Dave Koz

Videotaped at ABC Television Center, Hollywood


September 4, 2001

Created by

Frank and Doris Hursley

Executive Producer

Jill Farren Phelps

Written By

Megan McTavish

Elizabeth Korte

Michael Conforti

Garin Wolf

Michelle Patrick

Juliet Law Packer

James Fryman

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    • Hope so. The current opening is as dull as the show. Some more current and flattering shots would be good especially for MTS. And maybe some variety in the shots rather than having the actors in the same outfit -and sometimes the same pose- in the close up and background shot.
    • BFTD Stories That Stood Out:   Y&R   Victor and the Takeover. I remember that being such a big deal and well drawn out forever and day. And being annoyed every time Victor would be close to leaving and then...something would stall it. And the fallout was something else.    B&B   Does Sheila dying and popping up in L.A. count?   DAYS   I agree with whoever said Will's 2017 return. Not only did he come back...but he had the hots for his boyfriend's first love? If that ain't soapy...   GH   Brenda Barrett. Cuz...BRENDA. lol. That first return was EVERYTHING and while not dead in her other returns...the same thing happens that happened in that first return...instantly heavily attached to the canvas like she never left.   Katherine Bell and the Parapet. Can I mention that? Because it seem like she was dead, dead, dead...until that soapy dramatic Friday cliffhanger when she came into the court the spinning image of her savior Helena. The looks. The fashion. The music. It was PERFECTION. She got a little TOO big for her breeches, but it was still in her character to be that way.    OLTL   I liked the Tale of Two Todds. Though I did prefer Victor to Todd by the end. But crazy as it sounded and camp it had, I liked it then. Speaking of...   Marty's return in the form of Susan Haskell. The story might have been messy and I would probably feel different about it now if I rewatched it, but it was soap. And while the writing might have let me down, SH stayed fascinating to watch from story to story. And I liked that even though they wrote her wrong at the end, there was an attempt at least to course correct.     
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