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The Spencer and Asa showdown is coming

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This is PC interview with Hinsley


Philip Carey's back as Asa.

After a successful battle with lung cancer, Phil Carey returns to "One Life to Live" today as blustery Asa Buchanan.

"They wheel me in a wheelchair and we have a little party," says Carey, referring to Asa's scenes with sons Clint and Bo, and grandson Matthew. "Nigel is pushing me. And then we drink a toast."

Yeah - to Clint for dumping Dorian while Asa was in a coma. The boys all welcome Paw home, and then Clint and Bo question Asa about the mysterious photo Spencer gave him on New Year's Eve.

"Asa doesn't want to talk about that," says Carey.

He's going to have to. Next week, David confronts him about it. (Prevailing wisdom is that the woman in the picture is Spencer's mom, who may have had an affair with Asa years ago, making Spencer Asa's son.)

"Bo brings Spencer up to the lodge because he doesn't want Asa to have to make the trip to jail for the DNA test," says Carey. "They have it out and finally take the test. Asa won't open it. He throws it on the floor. Spencer picks it up. Asa rips it out of his hand and says, 'I don't care what it says. You're not my son and you never will be.'"

The results of the test won't be revealed for a few weeks, but Carey says fans will love the showdown between Asa and the villainous Spencer.

"I really go after him and call his mother a damn whore," Carey says, laughing. "I say, 'Your mother was no saint. She was a hooker!' Clint is going, 'Oh, by the way, Spencer's got Viki in a headlock in the other room.'"

The free-for-all has been a long time coming, but "OLTL" had to wait until Carey was better before they could script the scenes.

"I'm on kind of a slow burner," Carey says. "I work a week, I'm off a week. I think I'm cutting it. When I notified them that I was going to come back, I said 'Take it easy.' But they've been great. They have me seated [in scenes] and not too many pages [of dialogue]. They gave me a break."


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