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Croatia's Primetime Fall Line-up's


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Croatia has three major TV networks. So this is what Croatia will be watching this fall.


At 9PM

CSI: Miami (HRT) season 3

Desperate Housewives (NOVA TV) season 2

Prison Break (RTL) season 1

At 10 PM

Grey's Anatomy (NOVA TV) season 1


At 11PM

L&O: Trial by jury (HRT)


At 9PM

Cold Case (RTL) season 3


At 9PM

CSI: Crime Scene Inestigation (HRT) season 6

At 9:30

Lost (NOVA TV) season 2

At 10PM

Arrested Development (HRT) season 1


At 8PM

Big Brother 3 Live Show (RTL)

At 9PM

Joey (HRT) season 1

At 11:30PM

Six feet under (NOVA TV)


Well no US primetime shows airing saturdays... HRT has sports, and RTL and NOVA TV have movies...


At 9 PM

Simpsons (HRT) season 16

Prison Break (RTL) season 1

At 10:30

Las Vegas (HRT) season 1

Also coming this fall/winter: One Tree Hill (season 4), Gilmore Girls (season 6), Lost (season 3), Desperate Housewives (season 3), E.R. (season 11 or 12, not sure), L&O: SVU...

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