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December 23, 1983

Written By

Gary Tomlin

Jeanne Glynn

Louisa Burns-Bisogno

Courtney Simon

Phyllis and Robert White

Noreen Stone


Bob Schwarz

Robert Nigro

Associate Director

Charles C. Dyer

Stage Managers

Jerry Adler

Maureen Thorpe

Art Director

Al Deluca


Robert Nigro

James Kramer

Casting Assistant

Marc Brown

Music By

Elliot Lawrence Productions

Musical Supervisor

Jill Diamond

Music Directors

Susan-Beth Markowitz

Rae Kraus

Costume Designers

Mary Alice Orito

N. Deborah Haziett

Lighting Director

Billy Knight

Production Assistant

Andrea Giles

Production Coordinators

Jennifer Reed

Amy Rothlein

Peggy Crouch

Makeup Artist

Joel Mason


Colleen Callaghan, C.H.D.

Phyllis Della

Prop Coordinator

Dick Hauser

Wardrobe Handlers

Laurie Hudson

Marilyn Bishop

Stage Managers

Debbie Penchina

Bruce Martin

Technical Director

Bryan D. Keen


Lou Bruno


Joe Szutarski

Jeff Cohen

Camera Operators

Jerry Gruen

Alain Onesto

Arnold Giordano, Jr.

Wayne Norman


Bob Niola

Matt Lagle


Lloyd Halverson

Pat Falco

Sound Effects

Joe Gallant, Jr.

Audio Assistant

Tim Lester

Scenic Artist

Mark Bachman

Videotape Editor

Paul Henson

Electronic Graphics

Chris Ott

Electronic Maintenance

Rolf Wahl

Head Stagehands

Timothy Cowen

Bob Diaz

Richie Griffin

Ray Moran

Special Effects

Richie Griffin

"Come Christmas Day"

Words and Music By

Mary Stuart

Associate Producer

Gail Starkey


Robert Getz

Executive Producer

Ellen Barrett

Executive in Charles of Production

Edward Trach



Written By

Ralph Ellis

Eugenie Hunt

David Cherrill

Nancy Ford

Courtney Simon

Barbara Bauer

Directed by

Bob Schwarz

Associate Producers

Gail Starkey

Bonnie S. Bogard

Produced By

Robert Getz

Executive Producer

Fred Bartholemew

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