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  1. It's not April Fools right? I can't believe I read: Vets: Tracy, Luke, Edward, Monica, Bobbie, Alexis, Mike and Kisses: one fun one on her neck! Bobbie?! And playful Lunacy kissing?! Is this GH?! Can't wait to watch.
  2. LOL. AWESOME article, hooked. Thanks for sharing. Best quote: "Jason Morgan: Mobster-slash-Hero-slash-Savior-slash-Pervert" NLG, you are too freaking great for this show. Aw, yay. I like ILY. Though I'd like it to be coming from Luke...followed by a big smooch.
  3. Nex, you are a goddess! Much appreciated, as always!
  4. Welcome GenErAlHospital Agreed. I'm not the hugest EQ fan, but AmTam will always be Emily too me. That said, we need more Qs and the killing of Emily was senseless and stupid. I really hope that they bring her back!
  5. Can't wait for cookie time! Miss you, Mama!
  6. Halee: you crack me up. The thought of JE arm wrestling with SS has me ROTFLMAO. Happy almost Mother's Day to all the moms (and mamas!)! I'm cleaning like a maniac in anticipation of my MIL and SIL coming for lunch.
  7. WOWSA! Page 1000! Hi guys! I should be asleep b/c I have to get up in less than 6 hours for an early morning work meeting, but I couldn't resist popping in and saying hello. Ms. Q, you totally deserve 1000.
  8. Hey there Mama! Missed you in the BR. Hope we can catch up soon! It's been too long!!! Little shout out to Staci! Hope teaching is going well!
  9. Hey ya'll! I'm BAAACK! How is everyone? Between vacation, the holidays, the broken (but now fixed!) laptop, I've been offline for awhile. I've missed you all. anyone around for a chat? hooked? post the link if you're around, mama!
  10. Quiet weekend on the thread! Hooked and I just had a night of margaritas on the town in TX. Yee-haw! Wish all ya'll were here. Hopefully we'll be seeing Tracy and Luke back on screen soon! xo, bsg
  11. Hi ya'll! I've missed you guys! Been working late. Anyone around for the BR? BTW Ms. Q and TL, I LOVE your banners. So awesome
  12. Thanks for the spoilers, hooked! Lukey better rescue Tracy!! How is your son doing? I hope he's okay! Has anyone found the clips on youtube?
  13. Hey ya'll! Hope everyone is doing well! It's freezing in the city. Busy and stressed with work, but otherwise good. Thanks for the clips, nex! So great! I've always wanted to go to Broadway Cares! Mamas? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So adorable!
  14. Thanks for the clip, Ms. Q! I love the Justus memorial kiss. Sigh.
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