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  1. Hey Ya'll! Does anyone remember what Magazine it was that was doing the interview with Jane and Nancy??? I was trying to remember but was coming up blank and also wondering if it had been published?? Anyone know!!! Hope ya'll are doing good! I'm not liking the lack of airtime for Jane lately
  2. Is GUZA really leaving?? I'm soooo glad that Tracy is mentioned for April! Can't wait to see her back on, but I think she should be on more this week too with Luke!
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who does this. I have a research paper draft that's due tomorrow, haven't even started. Instead I've been watching old Quartermaine clips on Youtube! I think this is a sign we're ready for the semester to be out and for more Q's on our TV screens LOL.
  4. Hooked! I'd LOVE to go meet Nancy and like you said at least her event's proceeds go to Charity! If I could swing it this year I'd totally go but its not in the books, especially if I want to make it to CT & NY in November Lucky Duck! You'll have to take LOTS of pics!
  5. I think most either love/hate Carolyn lol. I like that she brings something to GH that is different than the whining some of the others do lol. I've been good just really, really, really busy with school & the horses. Also job searching. I'm ready to be out of school for the summer only 3 more weeks LOL. I'll let you know how the book is, I got it on Amazon for like half price when I pre-ordered it. Amazing deal over me buying it in the store for full price haha. I soo want the Q's back too! I want more of Alan haunting Tracy haha. And MORE Monica!
  6. Howdy! Long time NO See!!!! Hope ya'll are doing good! I've pre-ordered that book for a friend. Next to the Q's Diane & Alexis are my favs on GH right now. LOVE Carolyn she's a hoot on Twitter. He should get a good interview out of her for that book! I can only hope we'll get some good scenes out of a storyline for the Q's especially Monica!
  7. I hope monica's ok cuz shes finally got the COS job haha. Glad to see Tracy today!!!
  8. I saw I'll have to get it next time I work haha. I hope they don't butcher this storyline for gh like they have all the other ones haha. How've you been??
  9. HOWDY!!!!!!!!!! I know its been a looooonnnngggg time since I stopped in. Hope to catch some of ya'll in the BR soon!!! A lots been happening here and its been thanks to youtube that i've kept up with GH lately. Craziness erupted at our house it seems. Hope everyones doing good!!!
  10. Hey ya'll Jane was rocking last night I was semi following why I was doing homework. Anybody around for a chat? almost 10 central time
  11. Howdy!!!!! Sorry for being MIA lately, homeworks consumed my time lately its crazy I'm finishing the last of it thats due tomorrow then getting started on whats due next week. Its a never ending process lol. I have like 3 tests in my day classes next week and I'm not ready for any of them at all. I'm just now watching todays gh why I write a paper no Tracy yet though hope it comes up soon. Anybody up for a chat?? 9:15 central time??
  12. Anybody up for a chat?? 10:30 central time Carrie sorry I missed you earlier I was doing homework and not even by my comp!!!!! Maybe your still around??
  13. Howdy!!! I'm back for a few days before I leave again lol. Classes started today so I prob won't be around much e-mail me if I don't pop up every few days lol. Haven't watched GH but obviously haven't missed anything either. I wish Tracy and Monica would pop back up soon and have ghost Alan there too. Stupid writers!!! GRRR I want the OLD GH BACK!!!!!! Welcome to the Board AMF and LisaQ!!!!! Back to class for me I'll see ya'll around.
  14. YAY i'm off tomorrow too lol this was the first time i'd been on here in a while i was catching up on everything just in time for me to get lost again when I head out again on Wed lol. I'll watch I'm off to go to the bookstore for books. Have a great afternoon Maybe ya'll will be in the BR when i get off tonight late late lol.
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